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Over the past year the Viking Marketing Team has been hard at work creating marketing materials to help you and your dealers sell Viking product. It is with pleasure that we introduce

This site showcases all collateral material available to the dealer and details how to obtain it. In most cases files are readily available for download straight from the site. As new materials are created by the Viking Marketing Team, they will be loaded to, and a monthly email will be sent to all
dealers highlighting any new material that has been recently added. The type of information that is available on this dealer site is as follows:

  • All: Every post displays in chronological order
  • New at Viking: Articles about new Viking products, awards and accolades
  • Sell/Spec Sheets: Sell and spec sheets of introduced Viking product
  • Sales Collateral: New product introduction bulletins, invitation templates, graphic standards, etc
  • Product POP: Available POP for Viking Products
  • Marketing POP: Available POP for other marketing/sales objectives
  • Retail Ads: Available ads for dealers to run in their local market
  • Viking Owner Reviews: Owner reviews and testimonials
  • As Seen In: Where Viking has been seen, magazines, tv shows, etc.
  • Videos: Videos available for download to run in showrooms and for customer presentations
  • Press Releases: Available press releases for dealers to distribute in their local market
  • Dealer Support Links: This area links to other support materials offered by Viking
  • Images: Link to My Marketing, a site that allows download of all Viking photography
  • Viking iPad App: Link to the download page of the Viking iPad app
  • My Viking Planner: Link to, a quoting and reference site for dealers
  • Specs and Docs: Link to all product installation instructions and use/care manuals
  • Brochures: Link to all available Viking brochures

Also published is the customer support 1-800 number for use by customers and dealers who have product or support questions.

This site was designed to make sure all dealers and sales partners have the tools necessary to effectively sell Viking products. Please be sure to educate your Viking dealers about which will fast become their Viking marketing and sales resource.