5 Series Grills Product Information (Video)

We really did a lot of things with it and what I'm really excited about is that we've really set up a new rotisserie. Everybody in this industry with these luxury grills, they'll put a simple burner in there, they'll put a rotisserie, a simple motor but we really looked some designs in there and we're really excited about our rotisserie. What we've done is we've taken the rotisserie off the back wall, raised it so you get that Brazilian-type steakhouse effect. The original rotisserie is good, but by raising this up we've actually increased the surface area heat that crosses over that as the rotisserie spins. Instead of being on the back and the juices are dripping off on the cutlets, we got that up there there so we got more heat transferred to our meat as it turns that juice is staying on there making it nice and juicy. Look at it. We got full stainless steel rod, full stainless steel with a 50-pound torque motor system. That means we don't need a counter balance we can put-we turn whatever you put on it. Maybe it's a rib roast, your looking at your big 20-pound turkey, or even a Brazilian steakhouse filet mignon.

We're checking out the new 5 grill series from Viking. We've done a lot of innovations on here.

First, we're going to talk about our fully welded drip tray in there. That tray is designed to keep any liquid that gets past our radiant system down into the easy clean drip tray. Look at that solid stainless steel. Also look at that tolerance. It's nice an tight against the burner. So there's no folds, no bends. That burner keeps any liquid that gets down there liquefied and again helps it get into that tray.

Check out that stainless steel burner: 25,000 BTUs. Unique that we do is we do not top port it. Top ported has a tendency on the area right here to get debris in it so we keep it on the side. So we're getting two kernels of flame for every little square inch. So, we get a great heat process.

So, the unique thing about our drip tray system as we talked about is also our separators here. See check that out. It'll separate 30's, our 36's, our 54's all have separators. Individual heat chambers so you're really able to cook a gourmet meal by having high heat, low heat and keeping those chambers. Also makes it very efficient because you're not spreading heat to the other side. It has a really efficient system on there.

Next level we're going to talk about is the radiant system. This radiant system is a great thing to have. The unique thing about it is... You look at that. That's your high heat ceramic. That high heat ceramic-we're going to put two on each side. That high heat ceramic is designed to radiate heat. Designed to take the hot air from the burner. These become hot they radiate the heat out and minimize the flare ups and that's a great thing about it. The other thing is you always have that crazy uncle Charlie who's always spreading that sauce over there and that coats those high-heat ceramics up and doesn't work as well. The nice thing about it is we cut ours in half and by flipping them over they're easy to clean you just put off your cooking on them. Wait 'til you're done, come out, I recommend at least once a month, flip them over, turn these burners on high. You know, these units are getting close to over 800 degrees and that'll turn everything into a self-clean mode. All that gook, all that stuff will turn into ash be nice and clean. You'll be able to flip those over and be ready to use next time. Very, very easy.

Now the other thing we've done is we've really gone is upgraded we've added stainless steel rods. Look at those. Beautiful stainless steel rods. They're going to give us a tremendous durability that great clean they look and they... just look at that in the light... how amazing that looks in the light. This is jewelry in here for our cooking equipment.

Check this out. This is the new TruSear on the 500 series. Look how big it is. I mean we've really gone big with this. We don't have a skinny one. We don't have a skinny-short and fat one. We have a full size TruSear. This'll be your tomahawk steaks, your bone-in pork chop and man I really love it for the ahi tuna steaks. Get your nice one-inch fat tuna steak. This thing is pushing 1,200 degrees at grill surface temperature. It gives you that nice caramelized crust. It gives you that great inside pinkness that you're looking for in tuna. That's why you should buy a TruSear on your Viking grill.

We're really focused on-focused on being female-friendly. We find that so many more women are out there cooking, but they have a few things that are problem with the grills. Those two things, we fixed.

One thing they're always afraid of the ignition system not working. The nice thing about what we have here on the 5-we have auto re-ignition system. The auto re-ignition system. We've all experienced. We've turned that grill down low to medium, the winds come. Poof! There goes the ignition. It's popping, your friends are teasing you. With our system, with our auto ignition system, it re-lights, you're sitting there enjoying your friends and family, our system automatically re-ignites. It's takes away the fear of that grill every blowing up.

The other thing we've done is we've actually increased the tension on our hoods. Look at that big ol' 42 inch hood. We've added a nice enclosed spring system. That enclosed spring system is going to give you that light touch and be able to open it with one hand easy. Very easy to do. And that's a where we lightened up our hood making it very female-friendly with our bigger grills, our 42s and our 54s.

Viking also has the longest, strongest warranty in the industry, a no-quibble policy which states in the first 90 days that you purchase a Viking product, in the unlikely event a manufacturer defect happens, we will repair it or replace it.

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