5 Series Ventilation Hoods Product Information (Video)

If you buy a Viking cooking product, you have to have a Viking hood to go with it. Viking loves Viking and Viking hoods are designed especially for Viking product. We have an acronym that's called HOGS. H-O-G-S: heat, odor, grease and smoke.

If you don't get the heat, odor, grease and smoke out of the kitchen, it'll stay in the kitchen and you don't want that.

If you go into your favorite restaurant and look in the back and see what type of baffles they use, they use commercial baffles just like this. They're virtually maintenance-free, also. You can take these out with these handles and put them in your Viking dishwasher and they clean up beautifully. The reason that restaurants use these is that these filters will never clog. They will continually move the heat, odor, grease and smoke out of the kitchen. You have modern controls. If you pull these down you have back lit, beautiful Viking blue lighting behind these controls. You can control the LED lights here. You can also control the speed of the ventilator there.

We also have a heat sensor in our hood. If it senses a heat-a build-up of heat, it will automatically go to high, remove the heat, go back to where you preset it or to off.

This particular hood also has a heat lamp right here. If you... The heat lamp is not included. You would get that or you could just simply get a floodlight to accent your back wall.

Our hood and ventilator is the quietest in the industry. I would also say, I also mentioned it, but these are beautiful long-lasting LED lights.

Viking also has the longest, strongest warranty in the industry. We have three years signature parts and labor warranty on the product. We also have a no-quibble policy which states in the first 90 days that you purchase a Viking product, in the unlikely event a manufacturer defect happens, we will repair it or replace it.

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