Induction Cooktops Product Information (Video)

We're here at KBIS and we introduced our beautiful, elegant cooktops. We have electric cooktops. We have gas cooktops. This beautiful gas cooktop right here has the largest BTUs in the industry. Over 66,000 BTUs right here in this stainless cooktop, 36 inch.

The last thing I'd like to highlight is the beautiful induction cooktop. You notice the elegant stainless steel trim that runs around it. On the inside it gives it a stainless look. It's called a Trans-metallic finish. And you notice the CoolLit blue LED lights that run in the middle here. It shows the different places for the pots to go. In induction, you don't actually have burners. The pot itself becomes the burner. They are very powerful. There are 2,300 watt elements that could boost to 3,700 watts. Rapid, comes to a rapid boil and the recipe says take it to a boil reduce it to a simmer When you reduce it to a simmer, it is instantaneous. So also, just to wrap it up Magna Quick induction elements, a Power Management System with a boost to take it to 3,700 watts, CoolLit LED lights and this beautiful Trans-metallic ceramic surface.

Viking also has the longest, strongest warranty in the industry. We have three years, signature, parts and labor warranty on the product. We also have a no quibble policy which states in the first 90 days that you purchase a Viking product, in the unlikely event a manufacture defect happens, we will repair it or replace it.

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