Outdoor Smoker Product Information (Video)

We gotta look at this. We got a Gravity Smoker. This is award-winning, champion-style barbecue for the backyard. Here with our Gravity fed we have a 30 and a 36 inch unit. This unit's won Memphis in May ribs, Memphis in May pulled pork. This thing is championship-quality equipment in your backyard.

Check this out. All stainless steel, commercial stainless steel, commercial three grades. Look at that. Your putting in your pork back, pork butts, your baby backs, your Texas brisket. Gravity fed. Easy, simple to use. Long cooking. We're talking eighteen hours of end-maintenance cooking if you're using the right hardwood charcoal. Use your hickory. Use your mesquite. Use your pecan depending on where you're from.

Commercial gasket. Double-walled stainless steel construction. Commercial latching gets your that air-tight, man, and you know you need that in a barbecue. Air-tight, sealed system. Gravity fed charcoal and check this out. What you do is you fill this up with your beautiful lump charcoal. Your hickory. Out in California we love to use orange hardwood. Fill that up nice and tight again air... Look at that quality. Quality gasket. Nice, air-tight goes down... That feeds the chamber down here. This is full of charcoal. You put your paraffin wax starter right there, get it nice and lit. Put your hardwood, your hickory, your mesquite, your pecan, or almond. Get that in there. Nice and set that up. Click... look at that commercial latching system. Closes there and this is how you control the air. More air in, more air out. Controls the heat. Low and slow. This thing will rock at 225. It'll rock, oh, close to eighteen hours. That's beautiful for your Texas brisket and with no work and no fuss.

Viking also has the longest, strongest warranty in the industry, a no quibble policy, which states in the first 90 days that you purchase a Viking product in the unlikely event a manufacturer defect happens, we will repair it or replace it.

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