Viking Professional Outdoor Grilling Tips

When purchasing and using any Viking Professional outdoor product, it is important to know that this unit will be different than any other grill that might have been used previously. The best results come once the consumer “gets to know their grill” and has used this unit enough to fully understand the purpose of each aspect of the grill.


The first step is to read the Use & Care Manual provided with the grill. It has useful information to know before firing up the unit and fully explains how to light each burner and the purpose for each component of the grill. In the section labeled “Using Grill”, there is a step by step process for preheating the grill and understanding the canopy thermometer. It is recommended to turn all knobs to the HIGH position for 5-7 minutes so that the internal ambient temperature of the unit reaches the optimal grilling temperature range of 300 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.


It is also important to know the difference in ambient temperature vs. grilling surface temperature. The canopy thermometer only reads the ambient temperature of the unit, which is equivalent to a built-in oven temperature setting for baking an item. This thermometer’s main purpose is to help the user know when the grill is fully preheated and is not to be a gauge to determine cooking temperature of the food on the grill grates. Cooking surface temperature is not measured and visible to the user because there is
variation from grate to grate on the unit depending upon what is placed on the grate. Also, the heat transferred to the cooking grates will be much hotter than the ambient air in the unit due to the close proximity of the burners in the burner box.


Once the grill is preheated, the food can then be placed onto the grill grates at any desired position. It is important to know that the position of the knob should be adjusted depending upon how the food needs to be cooked and there are recommended settings for different foods that can be found in the Use & Care Manual under the section labeled “Cooking Tips”. After several uses it will become evident that the grill grates have varying temperatures depending on where the food is placed. The reason is because the U-burner is hottest in the middle of the burner and then cools off slightly the closer the food is placed to the edge of the burner box or perimeter of a single cooking grate. This is the same effect that a charcoal grill has with the most intense heat being located directly over the pile of coals and cooler temperatures along the edges away from the flame. The more the unit is used, the more the consumer will get to know the grill and learn how to operate the unit for the best results.

After continued use, the user will be better able to operate this unit without any issues and can optimize the grilling experience for all involved. As a tip, always make sure to follow cleaning and maintenance instructions to allow for the longest life possible. Thank you for purchasing a Viking Range outdoor grill and let’s GET GRILLING!!!

Download the PDF.