Spec Sheet for Quiet Cool™ Built-In Refrigeration - All Refrigerator/All Freezer

Download the PDF here.

ProChill™ Temperature Management System

  • Variable Speed DC Overdrive™ Compressor is one of the quietest, most technologically advanced compressors available
  • Electronic controls maintain even temperatures within one degree to keep food fresher longer
  • Multi-channel airflow system and Odor Eliminator™ Evaporator remove odors and excess humidity
  • Maintenance-free Super Clog Resistant™ Condenser provides expense free peace of mind
  • Adaptive defrost on All Freezer models control the timing of the defrost periods, instead of an electromechanical defrost timer

Filter-Free Freshness (All Refrigerator)

  • EXCLUSIVE Plasmacluster* Ion Air Purifier uses advanced ion technology to eliminate airborne bacteria, mold, and odors to enhance food preservation
  • Functions at 100% capacity, never degrades and never needs replacing

LED Lighting

  • All items are in clear view with bright energy efficient LED theater lighting from top and sidewalls
  • Ramp on theater lighting provides better visibility

The Latest in Spill Control Technology (All Refrigerator)

  • New Spillproof Plus™ Shelves with Nano technology create an invisible barrier to contain spills
  • Seamless glass shelves make cleanup easy and maximize usable space
  • 3/8” thick tempered glass shelves provide industry leading durability

Adjustable ColdZone™ Drawer (All Refrigerator)

  • Adjustable temperature control keeps food fresher longer
  • Intuitive icon based control displays the optimal setting for your food type
  • Extra-large capacity accommodates full deli tray
  • Allows storage of foods 3-5 degrees colder than main compartment
  • Prolongs the life of fresh meats 3-5 days longer without freezing
  • Can also be used as a quick chill area

Specialized Door and Drawer Storage (All Refrigerator)

  • New soft-close feature on deli and HumidityZone™ drawers delivers a smooth motion as the drawer eases into the closed position
  • EXCLUSIVE adjustable metal door bins securely store heavy items

Functional Shelving and Storage (All Freezer)

  • Adjustable half-width wire shelves along with one full-width metal shelf and two full width slide-out wire baskets with tempered glass fronts allows for increased storage options
  • EXCLUSIVE adjustable metal door bins to securely store heavy items
  • Full-extension precision ball bearing slides on all baskets and drawers allow for drawers to easily glide open and close for access

Automatic Ice Maker (All Freezer)

  • Factory-installed automatic ice maker with full-width large-capacity ice drawer includes two separate ice pans for maximum ice production and storage

The Industry’s Best and Most Comprehensive Warranty

  • 3-year full – complete product
  • 6-year full – sealed refrigeration system
  • 90-day full – cosmetic parts such as glass, painted items and decorative items
  • 12-year limited – sealed refrigeration system