C4 Outdoor Cooker - VCQS

Outdoor Series

Commercial Styling and Construction

  • Constructed out of durable 18 gauge spun stainless steel which provides a smooth, sleek look
  • Thick ceramic interior provides rigidity and sturdiness to canopy
  • Canopy is equipped with spring hinge assembly for easy opening and closing 

Professional Features

  • Versatile - precise temperature control combined with Elliptical™ Airflow allows the C4 Outdoor Cooker to perform a wide variety of cooking functions
    • Grill hamburgers
    • Smoke turkeys
    • Barbeque ribs
    • Sear steaks and chops
    • Bake side dishes and desserts
  • Charcoal Ceramic Cooking Capsule™ provides a natural and true flavor to foods
  • Advanced ceramic interior provides maximum heat retention
    • Maximum heat retention results in faster cooking times
    • Heat reflects off ceramic interior, cooking foods from all angles while locking in flavor and juices
  • Cooking surface is 315 sq. inches (800.1 cm) which provides plenty of grilling surface for large food items
  • Heavy-duty cooking grids are porcelain-coated to prevent food from sticking; the virtually non-stick surface creates an optimal cooking area, while also creating an easy-to-clean surface
  • A thermometer located in the center of canopy gives approximate readings from 150° to 750°F,(65° - 399°C), allowing foods to be cooked at required temperatures
  • Dampers at the bottom and top of grill allow airflow through the C4 outdoor cooker to be regulated
    • Open dampers to increase temperature for grilling
    • Close dampers to lower temperature for slow smoking
  • Recommend using natural lump charcoal – burns hotter and longer than regular charcoal briquettes
  • Ash tool comes standard for easy ash removal

Carts and Cabinetry

C4 must be installed with one of the three Carts:

  • QSC200 – 20" W. cart
  • QSC300 – 30" W. cart
  • QSC412N – 41" W. cart with double side burners (Natural Gas)
  •  QSC412L – 41" W. cart with double side burners (LP/Propane)

Exclusive Finishes

  • Available in Stainless Steel (SS) only

Warranty Highlights*

  • One-year full covers - in home repairs
  • Ninety-day full - cosmetic parts such as painted items and decorative items
  • Lifetime limited - rust through on all stainless steel components

*Warranty valid on Viking products shipped within the United States and Canada

Model Number

  • VCQS001SS
  • Must be installed in a cart (sold separately)