Wok Grate - WGTBK

Gas Grill Accessories

Model Number - WGT

The wok grate is for use on the VGBQ gas grills. This item is not for use on Viking Professional Series cooktops. The porcelanized, cast-iron Wok Grate replaces the standard spider grate on ranges and rangetops and provides concentrated heat for frequent wok cooking. The wok grate must be used in place of a side burner V grate when using with the VGBQ. Can also be used with QSC412 cooker cart with double side burners.

It is used in place of the surface grate (front burners recommended). It is for use on the Viking range and rangetop products. It is also for use in place of side burner V grates on Viking outdoor gas grills (front burner recommended).