Great Grillin' Menu

When the weather warms up it's time to fire up the grill, so this month we're sharing a menu of appetizers perfect for warm-weather entertaining.

Greet your guests with a delicious Creamy Black Bean Dip that's cool and spicy. Grilled Caponata can be prepared ahead of time and spread on hot-off-the-grill bruschetta once your guests arrive.

Two hearty appetizers are both savory and sweet. The first, Apple Butter Barbecued Shrimp, is plump jumbo shrimp marinated in apple butter, maple syrup and mustard. The shrimp are wrapped in bacon and grilled. The second, Grilled Sirloin and Peach Skewers, is a colorful and flavorful kebab with the surprising addition of peach in both the marinade and on the skewers. A crowd is sure to gather around the grill when they smell aroma of these two hearty appetizers.

A nice little pickup sweet is the perfect ending, and our Lemon-Pecan Tassies fill the bill. What could be better than a crispy pecan crust spread with tangy lemon curd?