Viking Introduces New and Improved Ventilation Hoods

New Features and Benefits

The new and improved line of Viking Professional Ventilation Products includes the following new key features:

  • NEW backlit LED knobs extend and illuminate to control lighting level and fan speed, then fully retract when not in use
  • NEW long-life LED bulbs are energy efficient and easily replaced
  • Maintenance free ventilators never need to be cleaned due to commercial-type filters that handle the dirty work
  • 18”H ventilation hoods have tough-box ventilator housing that protects blower and quietly removes smoke and odor (ventilator blower sold separately on all 18”H. hoods)
  • Built-in heat sensor activates the ventilator to full power if cooking temperatures reach uncomfortable levels

Model Numbers and Descriptions

  • VWH53012 – Professional 30”W/12”H. Interior Power Wall Hood
  • VWH53612 – Professional 36”W/12”H. Interior Power Wall Hood
  • VWH53048 – Professional 30”W./18”H Wall Hood
  • VWH53648 – Professional 36”W./18”H Wall Hood
  • VWH54248 – Professional 42”W./18”H Wall Hood
  • VWH54848 – Professional 48”W./18”H Wall Hood
  • VWH56048 – Professional 60”W./18”H Wall Hood
  • VCWH53048 – Professional 30”W./18”H Chimney Wall Hood
  • VCWH53648 – Professional 36”W./18”H Chimney Wall Hood
  • VCWH54248 – Professional 42”W./18”H Chimney Wall Hood
  • VCWH54848 – Professional 48”W./18”H Chimney Wall Hood
  • VCWH56048 – Professional 60”W./18”H Chimney Wall Hood
  • VCIH53608 – Professional 36”W./18”H Chimney Island Hood
  • VCIH54208 – Professional 42”W./18”H Chimney Island Hood
  • VCIH55408 – Professional 54”W./18”H Chimney Island Hood
  • VCIH56608 – Professional 68”W./18”H Chimney Island Hood
  • VBCV53638 – Professional 36”W./18”H Custom Ventilator System
  • VBCV54238 – Professional 42”W./18”H Custom Ventilator System
  • VBCV54838 – Professional 48”W./18”H Custom Ventilator System
  • VBCV56088 – Professional 60”W./18”H Custom Ventilator System

Finish Availability

All of the new VWH, VCWH AND VCIH ventilation products are available in all 12 color finishes.

Ordering Information

Orders can be placed beginning 10/25/2013 for all the models on the cost schedule. 

Shipments will begin as follows:

  • 11/18/2013
    • 30”and 36”W./12”H. VWH Wall Hoods
    • 36” and 48”W./18”H. VCWH Chimney Wall Hoods
  • 12/2/2013
    • 30”,36”, 42”, 48”, 54” and 60”W./18”H. VWH Wall Hoods
    • 30”, 42” and 60”W./18”H. VCWH Chimney Wall Hoods
  • 12/16/2013
    • 36”, 42”, 54” and 66”W/18”H Chimney Island Hoods
    • 36”, 42”, 48” and 60”W/18”H. VBCV Wall Custom Ventilators

The VWH3010 and VWH3610 10”H. hoods will remain in the line with the current features.  The chrome railing option is being discontinued on all new 5 Series Ventilation Hoods and will be discontinued on the 10”High hoods effective January 1, 2014.

Due to the staggered production dates of the ventilation hoods, the last day to place orders for the current line of hoods is Wednesday, November 27, 2013.  Viking will not be converting old model numbers to the new model numbers.  We will produce the exact model number that is ordered.

Sales Support Materials

Please click on the links below to view the sales support materials provided to help market these new Ventilation products in local areas. These items include:

Dimensions for the new ventilation products will soon be available from the following sources: