Door Hinge

  • Right Hinge/Left Handle
  • Left Hinge/Right Handle
  • Electronic Temperature Control

    Electronic controls with digital temperature readout.

  • Adjustable HumidityZone Drawer

    Adjustable Humidity Zone™ Drawers

    Produce the freshest leafy vegetables and fruits in moisture-adjustable drawer(s) with soft-close feature.

  • ProChill™ Temperature Management

    ProChill™ Temperature Management System with variable speed DC Overdrive™ compressor. Single compressor system includes the quietest compressor available. Electronic controls provide precise temperature management with digital readout.

  • Multi-Channel Airflow

    Multi-Channel Airflow

    Enjoy less humidity and less odor with our Multi-Channel Airflow.

  • Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier

    Filter-Free Freshness

    The Plasmacluster™ Ion Air Purifier uses ions to eliminate airbourne bacteria and mold spores, remove odors and enhance food preservation. Plasmacluster™ is a trademark of Sharp Corporation.

30" Custom Panel All Refrigerator - FDRB5303

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