Planning and Design

CAD Design Library and 20-20 Files
CAD symbols in 2D and 3D formats for all Viking products are available for download in file formats compatible with most design software packages, including 20-20. Visit the Specifications and Documentation page to download these files and other Viking product documentation.

All active 2020 design users can now access the Viking catalog from

Viking Specifier Sales Incentive Program
Viking rewards all designers and architects for their efforts with a VIKING SPECIFIER SALES INCENTIVE PROGRAM. This program is very simple: For every Viking product specified that results in a sale from an authorized Viking dealer, Viking will pay the designer 2%  for all major Viking Products (some product restrictions apply), or designers can accrue and use these funds towards the purchase of Viking Product instead of cash if preferred. Download for details.  Viking is making it easier than ever to design your client’s dream Viking kitchen.