A Lighter Holiday Dinner Party
The holidays and weight gain often go hand-in-hand. A little cookie here, a cocktail there, heavy cream in's no wonder the numbers on the scale are up when the holidays come to an end.
A Lighter Holiday Dinner Party
The holidays and weight gain often go hand-in-hand. A little cookie here, a cocktail there, heavy cream in's no wonder the numbers on the scale are up when the holidays come to an end.
Asian Cooking with Kids
The children are usually underfoot in the kitchen during the summer months. There are so many tasks children can help complete in the kitchen and their curiosity makes them wonderful culinary students.
Asian Soups and Starters
Chop Suey may have been America's introduction to the cuisine of the Orient, but over the years regional Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines have become an important part of the American culinary landscape.
A Taste for Thai
The cuisine of Thailand, with its combinations of sweet, salty, tart and spicy flavors, is an American restaurant favorite. But supermarkets everywhere carry most of the ingredients you need to create a delicious Thai menu at home.
Autumn Italian
The fall colors signal changes outdoors, but the change can be seen indoors as well. Dinner party fare becomes heartier, with more of the cooking done inside instead of on the grill.
Autumn Orchard Supper
When the evenings turn balmy and the leaves become shades from golden to red, you know it's time for the apple harvest. Life seems to take a slower pace, and inviting friends for dinner seems the natural thing to do.
Autumn Vegetarian Soup and Salad Supper
When you're faced with a vegetarian dinner guest, make it an opportunity to enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables and try something new. This menu is perfect for a crisp autumn evening of casual dining.
Casual Company Mexican Meal
Entertaining doesn't have to be a "big deal." Sure, a labor-intensive gourmet dinner party is impressive, but your guests will have just as much fun when you serve up casual fare in a relaxed atmosphere.
Casual Thai
As the lazy days of summer wind down, you may have grown tired of the traditional barbecues and cookouts of the season and you're probably looking for an alternative to the same old menus.
Catfish Fry
Gathering friends and family for an impromptu backyard cookout is a fun and spontaneous way to entertain. Spreading newspapers on the picnic table and calling friends together for a fish fry is a fun and easy way to feed a crowd.
Citrus Season
Entertain your friends this winter with a menu that features one of the season's best ingredients: Citrus.
Cookies and Cocoa
This month's recipes feature three of my favorite cookies to get you on the way to hosting a cookie swap or holiday drop-in.
Curry Scented
The flavors of India are not as well known in the United States as they are in Great Britain, where enjoying a "curry" is as simple as heading up the street in small towns and large cities alike.
Early Autumn Picnic Menu
Whether you're heading to your alma mater for a fall football game and tailgate meal, or to enjoy a picnic by the lake, this month's menu of make-ahead dishes is sure to be a hit.
Easter Brunch for Twelve
Easter is a sign that spring has arrived, and an Easter brunch is the perfect way to kick off the new season. This Easter Brunch for 12 is a real crowd pleaser and highlights the arrival of California asparagus and Florida strawberries, two of spring's finest offerings.
East-West Dinner Party
This East-West Dinner Party menu creates a harmonious blending of the culinary cultures of the Far East with ingredients and cooking methods common to the West.
Easy Autumn Supper
Autumn is a busy season for families with children. There are increased after-school activities and community events calendars seem to be busting with fun things to do.
Fireside Holiday
An open fire conjures images of cozy holiday togetherness. And this holiday season, we're suggesting that you entertain in front of the fire with a menu full of traditional holiday favorites, plus some new inspired creations.
Flavors of Fall
Emily Bronte wrote, "Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree," and it's no wonder one would find the fall season poetic. This menu of fall favorites is welcome throughout the fall and into the holiday season.
Flavors of Sicily
This casual menu begins with Sfincioni, an anchovy and cheese topped Sicilian pizza. Simple Sicilian Cod is an easy main dish, and it's accompanied by a warm potato salad.
French Accent
French cuisine has a reputation for being sauce-laden, pastry wrapped and hyper-indulgent. And while most French chefs don't scrimp on butter or cream, there's a whole lot more than these high-fat ingredients in French cooking.
Fun Summer Recipes for Kids
Whether your child is interested in becoming a chef - or just wants to cook and enjoy great food - these original recipes from the Viking Cooking School will introduce them to fun flavors in the kitchen, just in time for summer.
Gifts of Food
It's been said that "happiness is homemade", and with just a little bit of time you can make delicious holiday gifts for neighbors, teachers and friends with these three delicious recipes to cook up in your Viking kitchen.
Great Grillin' Menu
When the weather warms up it's time to fire up the grill, so this month we're sharing a menu of appetizers perfect for warm-weather entertaining.
Greek Inspired
If travel plans aren't on the horizon, this month's Greek-inspired menu will take you on a culinary journey without a plane ticket.
Hawaiian Barbecue
Vacationing on the Hawaiian island of Oahu is paradise to be sure. The perfect weather, beautiful scenery and sunny beaches are beyond imagination. This food writer was in heaven while vacationing there years ago.
Hearty Chili Supper
January means a chill in the air throughout most of the U.S., and there's also a bit of a lull in most social calendars. It is a nice, quiet month, making it the perfect time to invite friends over for a casual supper at home.
Herb Garden Brunch
May is the perfect month for dining outdoors. So, head outside to dine on this month's Herb Garden Brunch that's loaded with the fresh flavors of spring!
Holiday Brunch
If you're hosting holiday guests you most likely have two goals. You want your guests to feel welcomed and to enjoy themselves and you'd like to enjoy yourself, too. This easy holiday brunch allows you to achieve both goals.
Indian on the Grill
My husband, Bond, and I are big fans of Indian food. We're also big fans of our Viking 53-inch gas grill. We found a way to combine the two in this menu that is perfect for summer entertaining.
Italian Inspirations
If you're prone to daydreaming of trips to enchanted destinations, you've probably had images of Italy dancing in your head.
Italian Inspired Cocktail Party
If you've grown tired of serving the same old hors d'oeuvres at your cocktail parties, this Italian Inspired Cocktail Party can be a nice change of pace. The common thread in the menu is the use of your Viking outdoor grill.
Italian Weeknight Dinner
It's Monday night. You arrive home from work and the first question the family asks isn't "How was your day?" At least at my house, the nightly question is "What's for dinner?"
Make Ahead Christmas Eve Dinner
There is much to do on Christmas Eve besides cook. There are last-minute gifts to wrap, holiday guests to enjoy, Christmas Eve services at church... the list goes on.
Mediterranean Grill
Stock up on lemons and garlic, and pull the cumin off the spice rack for a summer cookout with a Mediterranean accent!
Memorable Moroccan
When autumn arrives we head inside to entertain. It's the perfect time to try a new cuisine, and the fragrant flavors of Moroccan foods are a fun change of pace.
Mexican on the Grill
Many American home cooks think that cooking a Mexican meal at home means saut¿ing some ground beef in a packet of taco seasoning. But you can cook up a much more authentic Mexican meal in almost no time.
New American Gourmet
American travelers used to journey to France, Italy or Spain to enjoy wine from local vineyards paired with exquisite food. With the rise in American-produced wine, you can now have the same experience stateside.
No Turkey Talk
During the holidays, there's a lot of talk in the cooking world about turkey. In fact, at Viking headquarters our consumer hotlines are abuzz with consumer questions about roasting, grilling and smoking the perfect holiday bird.
Pool Party
This time of year most of us are looking for a way to cool off. Whether you're the host or the guest, turn your next pool-side gathering into an outright pool party with the help of this menu of summer hors d'oeuvres.
Put on Some Reggae Music
Summer entertaining should meet two criteria. First, casual is best and second, keep the menu simple. Following these two notions, we've come up with a fun, festive summer dinner party menu with a Caribbean influence
Quick, Easy and Elegant
Most of us blessed with a Viking kitchen know the pleasures of spending a day at the stove preparing an elaborate meal. But most of us also live busy lives.
Ragin' Cajun
Hurricanes may have changed the landscape of the state, but the culinary traditions of Louisiana cannot be rocked. Cajun and Creole cuisine are among my favorites.
Sensational Salads
A salad supper is perfect when entertaining during the summer months. Offer your guests something cool to drink and then impress them with a selection of flavorful salads from this month's easy menu.
Signs of Spring Dinner for Six
April is a month known for showers, but to me it signals the onset of spring. Crisp spring weather puts me in the mood for entertaining, and this month's menu is one of my favorites.
Sophisticated Southwestern
Southwestern cuisine is most often associated with Tex-Mex items like grilled steak fajitas. And while fajitas are great for casual entertaining, the flavors of the Southwest can be featured in an elegant dinner party menu.
Southern Traditions
You don't have to live in the South to enjoy the tradition of Southern hospitality. While much of the South has grown and changed, a warm welcome is a Southern tradition that remains.
Spring Brunch
Make your weekend special by inviting some friends over for a spring brunch. Sound like too much work? These recipes can all be made ahead, letting the cook enjoy the get together as much as the guests.
Spring Chicken
Visit the produce section of almost any supermarket during April and the signs of spring are evident. There are plump strawberries from Florida and California and in-season bright green asparagus.
Spring Lamb
Serving lamb in the spring is a culinary tradition that dates back to the time when lamb was not available year-round. Despite the continuous availability of lamb today, the tradition still holds.
Spring Sensations
When the urge to entertain hits you this season, invite friends over for a delicious meal in which supermarket shortcuts net gourmet appeal.
Summer Barbecue
July is the perfect month to hit the grill, and this menu offers up a bevy of recipes to get you started. A smoky starter of Grilled Corn Salsa is ideal for summer entertaining, paired with tortilla chips and Mexican beer.
Summer Salad Supper
The lazy days of summer offer the perfect opportunity for casual entertaining. Leave the china in the cabinet, forget setting the dining room table and just head to the back porch for a cool meal of hearty summer salads.
Sumptuous Soup Supper
There's nothing more satisfying than offering guests a hearty meal of homemade soup during an evening spent enjoying a college football game or chatting with friends and neighbors in front of the fire.
Super Bowl Buffet Supper
The Super Bowl has become a nationwide event. The essential ingredient in a successful Super Bowl party is the food, and this is one time where haute cuisine is unwelcome.
Tailgate Time
Tailgating has become a national pastime. Whether you're at a college football game, polo match or horse race, seeing what other tailgaters are preparing is almost as fun as rooting for your favorite team.
Tempting Tapas
Tapas have been the rage in the culinary world for quite some time, but these nibbles often have little to do with the small plates originating in Spain.
Thai Appetizers
We've got a delicious spread of Thai appetizers that are perfect for late-summer entertaining. The menu is meaty enough to satisfy your hungriest male guests.
Thai Dinner Party
Thailand is the land of smiles, spicy air, and tranquil countryside. A complex and historic past is reflected in their food, balanced by sweet, sour, spicy and salty flavors.
Thanksgiving Feast
When you open popular cooking magazines it's hard to resist the urge to toy with tradition when it comes to the Thanksgiving feast.
That's Amore Valentine's Dinner
Valentine’s Day brings romance in many forms. From cards adorned with hearts and flowers, to boxes of chocolates and dozens of roses, the celebration brings out the romantic in us all.
Vietnamese Soup and Sandwich Supper
Bring the flavors of Vietnam home with a delicious soup, salad and sandwich supper that's perfect for entertaining. The recipes are inspired by common Vietnamese street foods.
Weeknight Family Fare
This weeknight family menu is kid-friendly and supremely simple to prepare. Tubes of crescent roll dough become a delicious buttery herbed bread ring with the help of prepared garlic butter spread and Italian seasonings.
Wine Tasting Party
Pairing wine with food doesn't have to be intimidating, and wine options don't necessarily have to be expensive. In fact, many wine experts suggest that you simply drink the wine you like.

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