TurboChef Oven Questions

Have questions about a Viking product? See our Frequently Asked Questions below for the answer you need. Still can’t find the answer? Viking has a toll-free number, 1-888-VIKING1 (1-888-845-4641), which consumers may call to speak with a representative on specific product or service questions.

Can I cook my own recipes?

Yes. Anything that can be cooked in a conventional oven can be cooked in the Viking Professional Speedcook oven. If you cannot find an exact setting for your item, use the setting for a similar item.

When the oven is done cooking, does it automatically turn off? What if I forget to turn it off?

The oven does not automatically turn off . In the Speedcook oven, the cooking elements will power down at the end of the cook cycle. However, the oven will remain at its current cooking temperature until it is turned off or until another cook setting is selected. The lower oven (Double Wall model), like any other traditional oven, will remain at its set temperature until you turn it off .

Can adjustments to a preprogrammed setting be saved? Will adjustments be saved automatically?

To permanently save adjustments, you will need to save the cook settings to Favorites (page 28)*. Adjustments are not automatically saved.

What is the diff erence between Bake and Roast?

Both bake and roast involve surrounding food with hot, dry air. However, in the Bake mode, heated air comes only from the lower of the oven. In Roast mode, air is delivered from the top and lower.

How do I know which Speedcook mode to use?

The modes have been named to describe how you would normally cook a product – i.e., BAKE a cake or ROAST a turkey. For additional help with locating an item, an alphabetical list of all preprogrammed cook settings is provided with your oven.

If I use a cook setting from Favorites and then resave it under a different name, will I keep the original setting?

Yes. All cook settings that have been “Saved to Favorites” remain in Favorites unless you delete them (page 28)*. The oven will not allow duplicate names for Favorite settings. If you resave a setting by a different name, the two settings remain in Favorites under both names until you delete one of them.

How many cook settings can I save in Favorites?

The Favorites mode can hold up to 9,999 cook settings for your favorite recipes.

How hot does the oven get?

When cooking, the maximum temperature the oven will reach is 500°F (260°C). During a self-clean cycle, the ovens can reach up to 820°F (438°C).

Do I have to preheat the oven? How long does it take?

Unless you are using the Defrost setting (see pages 24)*, the Speedcook oven needs to preheat before you place your food item in the oven to cook. This will take 8-14 minutes depending on the cook temperature the oven must reach. As with any standard convection oven, the lower oven (Double Wall model) should also be allowed time to preheat.

Do I have to close the door to use the Broil mode?

Closing the door to help retain heat in the oven is strongly recommended when using the Broil mode for the lower (Double Wall) oven. The door must be closed to use the Broil Speedcook mode.

How do I know if the oven door is completely closed?

If the door of the Speedcook oven is opened, the oven will display the message “The Speedcook door is open please close to continue”. The oven will stop cooking or preheating until the door is closed properly. The lower oven will run whether the door is open or not. When you feel the door latch engage with the frame of the oven, you will know the door is closed.

What if I can't fi nd my specifi c recipe?

If you cannot find an exact setting for your item, use the preprogrammed setting for an item similar to the one you wish to cook. At the 100% complete point (pages 30-31)* you will have the ability to make adjustments to your item. Once you have developed the settings for your specific item, you can save them to Favorites (page 28) for easy recall.

If I alter preprogrammed settings, does it aff ect the original settings? Can I get the originals back?

Adjustments made to a preprogrammed setting apply only to the specific cook cycle and any subsequent cook cycles initiated through the “Repeat Cook” option. The oven defaults back to the original preprogrammed settings the next time the item is selected, unless the adjusted settings are saved to Favorites. When you save an adjusted setting to Favorites (page 28)*, a copy of the original is created for you to modify and rename. The original setting is not modified.

If the settings in the Speedcook oven are preprogrammed, why do I have to check my food at the 80% complete point?

Because everyone’s food preferences are slightly diff erent, the 80% complete point helps ensure your food is cooked exactly to your liking. However, if you do not want to check your food at the 80% complete point, select “Continue cooking” or simply select nothing. After 20 seconds of no selection, the cook cycle will continue according to the preprogrammed settings.