Heather Baker, President and Publisher of the About You Magazine, Visits The Home of Viking

Heather Baker, About You magazine's president and publisher, recently visited Viking's home in the city of Greenwood, Mississippi. The article she wrote, "Greenwood, I'll Remember You," covers her itinerary during her weekend trip to what she describes as a "hidden Southern oasis." The itinerary included her trip to Turnrow Books, Museum of the Mississippi Delta, a stay at the Alluvian, Russell's Warehouse Antiques and Jewelry, Mississippi Gift Company, The Alluvian Spa, Honest Abe's, Leflore County Courthouse, Giardina's Bar, and finally the Viking Cooking School.

Baker was able to attend the Viking Cooking School's "Elegant Spring Dinner Party" class and compared it to cooking on the Food Network. You get to cook on Viking professional appliances and have your class be taught by professional chefs. She writes about how the chefs help every step of the way in creating the delicious meal that you get to enjoy with the new friends you meet at the end of class.

Viking, located in Greenwood, Mississippi is surrounded by culture, art, good ole southern food and is known by visitors like Baker as a unique and quaint place that should be added to everyone's travel plans.

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