House Beautiful Magazine Features Viking in Molly Yeh's Kitchen

Viking was recently featured in an article in House Beautiful Magazine entitled "Molly Yeh's Home Kitchen Is Chock-Full of Genius Tricks to Make Cooking a Breeze." Molly Yeh, a chef, recipe developer, author, and TV host, recently renovated her Minnesota farmhouse. Yeh is best known for her blog, My Name is Yeh, and Instagram feed, where she went viral and found herself with a cooking show: Food Network’s Girl Meets Farm.

Yeh's kitchen renovation included the addition of the Viking 7 Series French-Door Oven in Vanilla Cream. House Beautiful says, "a waist-high Viking oven with French doors means no backbreaking bends to whip up cakes and casseroles, two of Yeh’s signature dishes." Yeh goes on to tell House Beautiful, "a really good friend of mine once said, 'you should have an oven at waist height because when you're cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, you don't want to break your back.'"

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