Viking Takes the High End Even Higher With Its New 7 Series (Video)

A bigger, better flagship

Viking's high-powered, commercial-grade appliances have been adapted for the home with little compromise, and are coming soon for the high-end kitchen remodel of your dreams. The company's booth at Design and Construction Week is easily one of the hall's most crowded, and that's largely thanks to the company's new 7 Series of ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, and hoods.


Turbo Chef Double Oven

Arguably the lineup's most compelling product is the Turbo Chef Double Oven. On the bottom is a convection / conventional electric oven, but up top is where the magic happens. The Turbo Chef oven is an "air impingement" device, meaning it blasts columns of hot air into your food at up to 60 miles per hour. When needed, a microwave assist finishes off the cooking process, and the result is an oven that Viking claims is "world's fastest."

At 15 times the speed of a conventional oven, the Turbo Chef is capable of fully cooking a Thanksgiving turkey in about forty-five minutes.

It's necessary to program the Turbo Chef for each meal—you know, to keep it from blowing the pepperoni clear off your pizza—but the oven's interface allows manual finishing or browning before a meal is complete, and the system will remember your recipes so the process is automatic going forward.

French-Door Double Oven

Viking has also introduced a professional-grade 30-inch French-door double oven that, at 4.7-cubic-feet, is the largest in the industry. This is of course a convection oven, and comes with high-end extras like backlit steel knobs, two ball bearing racks in the top oven and one on the bottom, and twin 8.5-inch bidirectional convection fans.

7 Series Range

The nearly $15,000 7 Series range also drew huge crowds. With 23,000-BTU front burners and 15,000-BTU rear burners, in total this is the most powerful home range on the market. Indeed, the only reason those rear burners are capped is conformity to emissions laws. All burners are capable of simmering, making this stove extremely dynamic.

Toward the right side of the stove you'll find a mirrored chrome griddle, which distributes heat more evenly. It's surrounded by a convenient grease trough that can be emptied while the griddle is still hot. The dual ovens have thick, slam-proof doors, and the right oven has a built-in meat thermometer. This range is also iDevice-compatible.

Professional Cooktops & Ventilation

The remaining products are great, but really there to complete a kitchen already based around the Turbo Chef and 7 Series range.

Viking's new professional cooktops are as powerful as they are attractive. Once again, they offer the most powerful BTU-ratings on the market. High-end features include automatic ignition / re-ignition in the event of a flame-out, as well as scratch-resistant grating on the gas models. Finally, Viking's gorgeous, professional ventilation systems feature LED lighting and dimming, as well as easy on-the-fly fan speed adjustment.

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