A Stay by the Bay

Raised by their respective parents who were dear friends, Gaines and Linda Thomas have known each other all their lives. Their happiest childhood memories were filled with bayside vacations, and when the couple was older, they began to dream of having a home by the bay. With the help of builder Billy Eubank and designer Libba Lyon, the couple created a vacation home perfectly suited to their style of living. And for a growing family, their style is both beautiful and comfortable - it's not "too pretty to mess up," Linda said.

Style Idea: Cohesive and flowing design elements such as all-wood floors, ceilings, and walls mirror the style of life on the bay in this vacation bungalow.

She promises, "Coming here isn't just going to the beach. It's about my childhood; it's about my husband's childhood. It's about our children, and it's about our future generations."

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