Viking Appears in Sunset Magazine, December 2014

The designers borrowed the ethos of an unfitted kitchen, typical of old houses, and gave it a commercial-inspired reincarnation. "We love the juxtaposition of things that seemingly don't go together," says Brightenburg. Metal cabinets and stainless steel appliances pair with reclaimed floorboards and marble counters, above.

The reclaimed wood cabinetry, above, was also built by Schwab. "I'd never used barn wood that had been weathered for 100 years and simply covered it with a clear finish, but I think it turned out great," Lawrence says. Inspired by a room with corrugated metal siding in an old issue of Sunset, the Schumachers chose the affordable material for the backsplash. The wooden shelves have hidden supports drilled into the wall studs for a cleaner look. "They're high-tech rustic," Lawrence says jokingly.

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