A Dallas Kitchen Gets a Cheerful Dose of Red By Vanessa Brunner, Houzz

This Dallas kitchen, originally built in the 1960s, was in desperate need of a makeover. The clients were a busy and growing family needing a kitchen that would allow them to cook, clean, do homework, eat, and socialize smoothly. Ralph Stow and his team at Dallas Renovation Group tore down the period fur-downs, short cabinets, and large console island and replaced everything with high-end country-style materials. By reorganizing the work triangle in the kitchen and building a large, bright red island, they designed a cheerful and stylish kitchen that works for everyone.

The kitchen's new design revolves around the 9-foot-long island. Stow and his team kept the client's desire for a multipurpose kitchen in mind and designed a large island that could serve multiple functions. The island has two distinct seating areas, with under-counter cabinets for children's crafts and knickknacks on one end. The island countertop is custom made of 4" thick black walnut. To give the kitchen a warm, farmhouse feel, they painted it a rich red, and accented it with simple barstools the clients already owned.

The garage door originally led straight through the kitchen's work triangle, so traffic flow was a big issue. The team rearranged the work areas in the kitchen towards the left side of the space, and put the garage access on the right side. Overall, the kitchen was widened over 16 inches. Pull-out pantry cabinets flank the refrigerator, paneled in the same style as the surrounding cabinetry. The unique hood is custom made out of copper and treated with a burnished patina.

Leveling and squaring the cabinetry in this 50-year-old home ended up being quite the challenge for Stow and his team. There was a lot of movement in the walls and floors, which made construction difficult. Custom cabinetry painted in a soft white was given an extra country-style touch with rustic looking hardware. A deep farmhouse sink is the perfect size to hold the family's dishes, while an in-island microwave drawer helps keep the cooking process simple and streamlined. Range: Viking Range, 36” Microwave Drawer: Viking

As part of their multipurpose kitchen, the clients also wanted a "Mother's desk" integrated into the space. A small workspace was built in the same style as the custom cabinetry, with plenty of storage.


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