Viking French-Door Refrigerator Named "Best Built-In Look" By Good Housekeeping

Thanks to Good Housekeeping for recognizing the Viking French-Door Refrigerator as the "Best Built-In Look for French Door Refrigerator". Here's what they had to say: If you're in the market for a pro-quality, super sleek refrigerator that will fit flush with your cabinets, the Viking French-Door Bottom-Freezer is it. This top-performing freestanding model has 24-inch deep side panels that integrate seamlessly into any kitchen, and the fact that it doesn't have a water and ice dispenser in the door contributes to the built-in look. Inside the fridge you'll find three shelves that pull out to make it easy to find items lurking in the back. The ice maker is in the freezer so it doesn't take up any of your valuable room in the refrigerator. There's also a top-notch air circulation system inside the Viking to keep air fresh and odors out.

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