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Doug DeLuca

One of Doug DeLuca’s recent projects involved the renovation of an entire house in Sleepy Hollow, Virginia. The project converted a 2,600 square foot ranch into a four-story 11,000 square foot New England farmhouse. The focal point of the kitchen was an antique harvest table that was discovered in a New England barn. The restored table, combined with a full array of Viking products, created a kitchen design combining old and new materials.

Viking products play a major role in Doug’s kitchen designs. "I use Viking in all my projects, whether inside or out," says Doug.

In addition to the indoor kitchen Doug created, he also designed an outdoor kitchen for the homeowners that features a custom-designed stone foundation.

Custom crafted stonework is a specialty of Doug’s company, Federal Stone and Brick, located in Falls Church, Virginia. Doug is currently working on developing a patented technology for portable outdoor stone that will allow pieces to be palletized, put on a truck, and shipped anywhere in the United States.

For more information about Doug, download a PDF of his story here.

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