Built-In Refrigeration

  • 7 Series
  • 5 Series
  • Custom Panel

7 Series

Viking 7 Series fully integrated refrigeration line fits flush seamlessly into cabinetry with no visible hinges or grills, disappearing into the cabinetry. Ultimate food preservation can be achieved by using the most innovative and advanced purification technology available to purify the air, keeping all of your ingredients fresh up to three times longer than other refrigerators.


5 Series

The Viking 5 Series Refrigeration line complements the professional-style kitchen in both form and function. Viking's exclusive Plasmacluster Air Purifier uses advanced technology to eliminate bacterias, mold, and odors to enhance food preservation. 


Custom Panel

Viking Refrigerators and Freezers may be available in stainless and exclusive colors but your kitcken design may call for an integrated look. The Custom Panel refrigeration models blend seamlessly into cabinetry with locally supplied front panels. Customers may choose from Viking handles or opt for custom handles.




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