Viking Cooking School

Spend quality away time with family.

From the novice to the experienced cook, thousands of students including kids, moms and dads, business professionals, and others come alone, or together with friends to attend our classes each year. If you love to cook, entertain, or just appreciate the pleasure of great food, the Viking Cooking School is the place to indulge your passions.

You can expect the same type of performance from our teachers as you would a Viking range. Our culinary spirit keeps us on the cutting-edge of all things food and inspires us to constantly evolve our menus with the seasons and current cooking trends. Select from our wide array of exciting classes covering subjects such as ethnic cuisines, basic techniques of cooking, baking, vegetarian, and cocktail and dinner parties, whatever you choose, we'll make sure you have a blast.

After experiencing the exceptional performance of our Viking Range equipment in your cooking class, you may be inspired to update your own kitchen. Our trained Appliance Specialist at the Viking Cooking School would be happy to help you with selecting all the products you will need to complete your dream kitchen!



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Viking Cooking School
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Private Events

You take care of the guest list, and we’ll handle the rest. Choose the classroom, class style, and menu for your upcoming special event. Select from our Special Event Menu listing or choose any class offered in our current Culinary Program. Whether you’re thinking about a unique team building exercise for your employees, trying to find just the right place for a birthday celebration, or looking for a stress-free way to throw a dinner party - we have the complete package to make your next event unforgettable.

For more information call 662.451.6750 or email

Gift Card

Give the gift of good taste.

Gift cards are available in any amount. Available online, in-store or by phone at 662-451-6750.


Registration, Pricing, Cancellation, and Waiting List Information

Do I have to register in advance or can I just show up?
All classes require advanced registration and payment is due at time of registration.
How do I search for a class on your website?
Visit and select the appropriate location. In the SEARCH FOR CLASSES box, you may either enter the name of the class or keyword (e.g. cake, sushi, pasta) and select GO. You may also search by the type of class (e.g. hands-on, demo, chef’s table) or by category (e.g. Culinary Basics, Dough and Desserts, Around the World, Smart Cooking). If you need help searching for a class or would like more information, please call the school and an associate will be happy to assist you.
How much does it cost to take your classes?
The price of each class is listed in the class description on-line at Prices and length of class, may vary by location.
Please note that tips from customers of any cooking school class are prohibited. We appreciate customers acknowledging our employee’s hard work but full class cost is included in the fee at registration.
Do you have a waiting list for sold out classes?
Yes, waiting lists are maintained for sold out classes. Please call the school to have your name added to the waiting list. You will be notified if a space becomes available.
Are Date Night prices for each person or per couple?
The class price is listed per person.
For your series courses (e.g. Essential Cooking Series, Essential Wine Series), what happens if I miss a class?
Don’t worry if you miss a class – you can make it up the next time it is offered. You may also begin the series at any point during the course.
How do I register for a class?
Call or visit a Viking Cooking School, or enroll online at It’s as easy as 1-2-3. 1. Go to and select your preferred location. 2. Browse classes by date, class name or subject to add classes to your cart. 3. When you have finished selecting classes, follow the instructions to check out and confirm your order. Please Note: If you provided an email address you will receive a copy of your confirmation by email. If you did not provide and email address, please print the confirmation page.
Family classes, does the tuition price include the cost for the child and adult or do you need to pay separately?
The class price is listed per person. The cost is the same for the adult and child. Please note that each child (ages 7 and up) must be accompanied by at least one adult. Limit, two children per adult.
What happens if my class is cancelled?
Viking Cooking Schools reserve the right to cancel any class up to seven (7) days in advance. In the event your class is cancelled, you will be notified by the appropriate Viking Cooking School. They will review the policy and apply refunds and exchanges.
What is your cancellation policy?

A refund will be issued for any class up to seven (7) days prior to the class date. An exchange will be made for any class up to two (2) days before the class date. No refunds, returns, or exchanges will be given for cancellations made less than two (2) days prior to the class date.

General Information

Do you offer a professional culinary degree program?
Viking Cooking School classes are for culinary enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels; however, we are not a professional culinary school. We do not offer degrees, financial aid, grants or loans. While our school is avocational, culinary professionals may also take our classes if they desire.
Where are your cooking schools located?

Currently, we operate schools in the following locations:
Mississippi - Greenwood, p 662-451-6750
New Jersey - Atlantic City - Harrah's Resort, p 1-609-441-5228

Kids, Teens and All in the Family Classes

Does an adult need to stay for a kids or teens class?
Adults do not need to stay for the class unless indicated in the class description.
How long are your Kids and Teens Camps?
Camps are four to five consecutive days. Kids and Teens classes are 2-3 hours long. Parents are invited to the graduation party during the last 30 minutes of class.

Our Classes

What are the age limits for your classes?

•    Kids classes - ages 7 - 12
•    Teen classes - ages 12 - 15
•    Adult classes - ages 16 and up
•    Family classes are designed to allow parents and children to participate in a cooking class together. Children ages 7 and up are welcome when accompanied by at least one adult. Limit two children per adult.

How often do your classes change?
You will find different classes scheduled each month along with popular favorites, seasonal, and holiday classes.
How much food is served in your classes?
For all classes, a full meal size portion will be served.
What should I wear to the cooking class?
You should dress casually and comfortably. We will provide you with an apron to wear during hands-on classes. 
How many people are in the classes?
Hands-On classes are limited to 12 to 16 students (Note: number of students varies by location), unless otherwise noted in the class description. Demonstration classes vary by location.
Does your menu ever change from what's listed on your website?
We make every effort to remain true to the advertised menu, while reserving the right to substitute ingredients or menu items. Due to seasonality and availability, occasionally it may be necessary to substitute ingredients.
Will I get a copy of the recipes to take home?
Yes, you will receive a recipe packet to refer to during the class and take home with you. Some classes provide additional student handouts.
For Hands-On, will I make all of the items on the menu?
You will be divided into teams; each team will prepare the menu (excluding Sample and Bonus recipes). The instructor will demonstrate the techniques, and you will mimic the techniques with guidance from the instructors.
Can I bring leftovers home with me?
Unless indicated otherwise in the description of the class, students may not take leftovers out of the facility. Some classes, such as Cake Workshop, Cookie Decorating, Pies and Tarts indicate that students will take home what they make. In these cases appropriate packaging is provided in class.
How do I find out more about your class than what's online?
Please call your local Viking Cooking School and an associate will be happy to tell you more about any of our classes.
Are Girls' Night Out classes just for girls?
No, both men and women can attend Girls’ Night Out classes.
Can anyone take your advanced or level 2 classes?
Yes, anyone can take any class. It is recommended, but not required that you take the first level class before the second.
Are different classes rated for different levels of experience?
No, anyone can take any class. The advanced and level 2 classes offer different menus and will teach more advanced skills and techniques.
What is a Sample recipe and Bonus recipe?
Sample recipes are not made in class, but are tasted in class and are included in the student recipe packet. Bonus recipes are included in the student recipe packet, but are neither made nor tasted in class.
What are the different formats of your classes?
Demonstration classes offer relaxed discussions, tastings, fun question-and-answer segments and well-chosen recipes you'll be confident in preparing at home. Hands-On classes give you an opportunity to get your hands dirty. Learn by doing as you're guided by our instructors through all the techniques you need to prepare your class menu. All classes limited to 12 students unless otherwise noted. 
In a Hands-On Workshop, will I work with others in a group?
Yes. In all Hands-On Workshops, you will work in a small group. In most classes the groups are comprised of 4 students, but the number can vary by class enrollment, subject, and store location. (Kids/Teens classes are generally limited to 4 to 6 students per team.) In the vast majority of our workshops, each team prepares all of the recipes and eats the food that they prepared. Check with your local Viking Cooking School to determine the group size for the specific class in which you are interested.

Private Event Information

Can I rent your cooking school facility?
Yes, we offer facility rentals for your culinary needs. Contact your local Viking Cooking School for available dates and costs. Our instructors and utility staff may be available to assist for an additional cost.
Do you offer special events such as teambuilding cooking classes or cooking parties?
Yes, you can choose the class style and menu perfect for your upcoming event by selecting from our Special Event Menu offerings or from the current culinary program. Whether you are thinking about a unique teambuilding exercise for your employees, trying to find just the right place for a birthday celebration, or looking for a stress-free way to throw a dinner party, we can customize a special event to meet your needs. Special events include but are not limited to: teambuilding, birthday parties, bridal showers, recruiting functions, holiday parties, special occasions, supper clubs, luncheons, corporate sales and fund raising.


What are Early Bird Specials?
Early Bird Specials allow you to save $20 off the regular price of select $89 and $99 workshops. Pay only $69 or $79 for these exclusive hands-on workshops before 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Please note, Early Bird Specials are not offered at all locations.)
Do you give a student discount for items in your store and towards future classes? How long is the discount offered?
Yes, students do receive a 10% discount after class on store retail items and tuition for future classes. The discount is good for the day of the class only. (Please note, discounts are not offered at all locations.)

Gift Cards

How do I give someone a class as a gift?
Gift cards may be purchased at your local Viking Cooking School. Gift cards may be purchased for any amount you choose.
Can I use a gift card to buy a class?
Yes, gift cards may be redeemed for classes or used to purchase merchandise in the retail store.


Is wine served in your class?
Wine is served with the meal in our adult classes. No one under the age of 21 may consume alcoholic beverages. Please Note:  Wine may not be served at all locations. You may contact your local Viking Cooking School for their policy.
Can I bring my own wine?
This is prohibited due to state liquor laws and other restrictions.

Allergy and Dietary Concerns

Can you make special arrangements to accommodate food allergies.
Viking Cooking School facilities may contain dairy, eggs, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans which account for most known allergens. Be aware that cross contamination may occur among food products and we cannot guarantee that our food will be safe for customers with food allergies.
Do you offer vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free classes?
Many of our classes contain vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free dishes. Please contact your local Viking Cooking School for more information on a class that may be suitable for you.  We encourage you to learn skills and techniques in our classes then modify at home to suit your needs.
Are your kitchens Kosher?
No, Viking Cooking School facilities are not kosher. For Private Events and our Jewish Cooking: Treasures from Around the World, we can use kosher food products including meats.
What do I do if I have a dietary restriction?
At the time of registration, please let us know.  There will be an additional fee for substitutions.