The Perfect Rabe


2 large bunches of Broccoli Rabe

8 cloves of peeled Garlic

I/2 teaspoon of Red Chile flakes

1/4 cup great Olive Oil


For the sandwich

Fresh Italian Bread or Bread of choice

4 links of Sweet Italian Sausage

1 Red Bell Pepper, roasted

4 slices of fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Salt and pepper


1) Remove any yellow damaged or rough or damaged leaves from the broccoli. Cut off about an inch of the stems from the bottom and discard. Cut the rest of the broccoli into 2-3 inch pieces. Create a water bath in your sink or large bowl and thoroughly wash the broccoli. Drain and shake off any excess water.


2) Put your broccoli in a deep saucepan and cover with very cold water to cover by about two inches. Put it on a burner set on high heat. As soon as you start to see bubbles forming on the sides of your pot just wait only one additional minute and  then remove it from the heat. This is the first part of the cooking process completed.


3) Drain the cooking water. Plunge the broccoli in an ice bath that’s easily created by stopping your sink and adding ice and cold water previous to cooking the broccoli. This will stop the cooking process and will also bring the beautiful bright green color to your vegetable. Once cooled you can drain it in a colander and pat it dry. At this point you can reserve some of this for other dishes or sauté it all and use it as a delicious side dish for many uses.


4) In another deep sauté pan heat your olive oil and add your sliced garlic and Chile flake until golden brown.


5) Add your desired amount of broccoli and sauté it over high heat until it starts to release its juices approximately 6-8 minutes and season it with salt and pepper. It’s that easy!! The longer you cook the broccoli the softer and slightly bitter it will become.Some people will really enjoy it that way. I prefer it more green and firm.


To create this delicious sandwich, all you need is some great bread to start.


Grill or oven cook your sausage and place it on top of your broccoli in the sandwich with your mozzarella on top. I like to place the sandwich in a cast iron skillet and melt and brown my mozzarella under the broiler.


I then add my roasted peppers, finish it off with a little olive oil salt and pepper and enjoy.


This is an incredibly satisfying sandwich that everyone loves.


Broccoli rabe can be used in sauces and pasta dishes and omelettes. It’s one of my favorite things to cook.