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Classic Colors
  • Classic Finish
Door Hinge
  • Right Hinge/Left Handle
  • Left Hinge/Right Handle
  • Thermal-Efficient Cabinet

    Thermal-efficient cabinet ensures optimum food preservation and energy efficiency while maximizing capacity

  • Integrated Controls

    Integrated controls allow for select a of precise cabinet temperature from 34°F to 42°F

  • UV-resistant Door

    Tinted, UV-resistant dual pane glass door protects wine from damaging ultra-violet light

  • Slide-Out Convertible Shelf

    3-in-1 Slide-Out Convertible Shelf™ features removable glass pane with wine rack option to store beverages, food or wine (Shown on VRUI model)

  • Dynamic Cooling Technology&trade

    Dynamic Cooling Technology™ delivers rapid cool down and the industry‚Äôs best temperature stability