Viking is celebrating the Viking Tuscany Collection with the group Tuscan Women Cook. This organization is the original total-immersion cooking school in Montefollonico, Italy since 2000.

Have you ever wanted to learn to cook in Italy, to participate in Tuscan cooking classes? And return home with recipes handed down over generations and collected by Tuscan Women Cook. Learn about cooking vacations in Tuscany in the medieval town of Montefollonico by visiting Tuscan Women Cook, the popular total immersion culinary vacation since 2000, celebrates the food and culture of Italy in the medieval hill town of Montefollonico, in the beautiful rolling hills of the Val d'Orcia, near Siena.

Each day of the week-long program, a group of 18 multi-generations of international participants learn to cook authentic Italian recipes from some of the best cooks in all of Italy…the local grandmothers or "nonnas." In hands-on cooking classes, the nonnas share regional techniques, ingredients, and family recipes that have been lovingly passed down from generation to generation like family heirlooms. Guests put on aprons, gather around the old farmhouse table, get wrist-deep in fresh pasta dough and learn Tuscan cooking from the source.

After a day of cooking, eating and wine tasting, participants are taken on shopping and sightseeing trips in the many beautiful villages and towns of Tuscany, often with a little more wine tasting and afternoon gelato sampling. Each day concludes with a memorable gourmet dinner in one of the region's top locales. Wine lovers revel in the aromatic adventures of Brunello de Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. This is the center of the new Italian wine renaissance and the culinary adventure of a lifetime.

Tuscan Women Cook has earned widespread acclaim as the model for a complete culinary experience in Italy. Come and experience the "real" Italy with Tuscan Women Cook. To learn more, please visit

See a sample recipe - Strawberry Tiramisu

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