Appliance Trends: Show Focuses on Colors, Cooking Times

Today's luxury kitchen appliances are all about color and cooking times, including the Viking Professional TurboChef® Oven.

"If you think slow food means Crock Pot and quick dinner means microwave, get ready to be amazed by the choice of new, customized appliances.

Viking, also owned by Illinois-based Middleby, debuted a new, 30-inch Professional TurboChef Speedcook double wall oven that incorporates a high-speed commercial cooking technique to prepare foods as much as 15 times faster than conventional ovens.

The top oven circulates heated air at up to 60 mph, cooking a 12-pound turkey in 42 minutes instead of four hours, the company said.

It is pre-programmed with over 400 cooking profiles, and offers modes to bake, roast, broil, air-crisp, toast, dehydrate, microwave and defrost.

The bottom unit functions as either a convection or warming oven.".

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