The Best Things I Saw at KBIS This Year

Viking showcased their new Professional 7 Series range, which they're calling "the most innovative range in Viking History." New features include 23,000 BTU elevated burners, LED-illuminated knobs for easy reading, and a new chrome griddle. I don't know if I was more blinded by the beauty of the range, or the price. ($15,000. Gulp.) Viking's other showstopper this year is their collaboration with TurboChef (makers of commercial high-speed cooking technology) to create the TurboChef Double Oven. This new super-fast oven cooks food 15 times faster than conventional ovens. What does that really mean? As TurboChef notes on their website, "Imagine cooking anything – from fresh asparagus in 45 seconds, a frozen pizza in 90 seconds, to a rack of lamb in 4 minutes, or a Thanksgiving turkey in 42 minutes." Whoa and whoa.

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