Viking Featured in Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel's Home

Property Brother Jonathan Scott recently showed off his Viking appliances in a video on Instagram captioned, "you ask about kitchen appliances… I deliver! Forgive me while I geek out again. I love this stuff." In this video, he shows the kitchen appliances he and his wife, New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel, have in their home.

Jonathan explains how much they enjoy the Viking drawer microwave because it leaves room on the counter so you can entertain or put out food. He says, "but I love that we have one of Viking's big built-in drawers."

Jonathan then walks to the fridge and says, "The Viking 7 Series is amazing. It has so much built-in technology." He says what he loves most about the refrigerator is the Bluzeone fresh preservation technology, "it filters the air inside the fridge every time you close the door, so it gets rid of microbes, ethylene gas, it gets ride of hydrocarbons, and it helps extend the life of the produce you have in there." Jonathan said he and his wife, Zooey, wanted a fridge that helps their healthy food stay healthy for longer.

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