Exploring The Cheese Cave

Come discover the extraordinary pleasure of handcrafted cheeses. What sets Artisanal Premium Cheese apart is the art of affinage – an ancient practice by which their passionate cheese professionals complete the cheese maker’s labor of love, patiently nurturing each of the cheeses they offer to optimal ripeness and peak flavor.

Founded by Chef Terrance Brennen, whose New York City restaurants, the Michelin rated Picholine and Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro, revolutionized cheese appreciation in the Unites States, Artisanal Premium Cheese makes the world’s finest cheese available nationwide as never before.

The appreciation lives on everyday at the Artisanal Premium Cheese Center in New York City, where the centuries-old method of affinage is carried out in their state-of-the-art cheese caves. Their affineurs have selected 200 of the best cheeses from the finest artisan cheese-makers across the country and around the world, seeking out only those farms and dairies that share their passion and dedication to quality. They continue the cheesemakers’ work through their meticulous efforts to bring cheese to peak ripeness combining centuries-old European techniques with American ingenuity. At Artisanal, fine cheeses are matured to optimal ripeness in five state-of-the-art cheese caves, custom-designed and constructed to control temperature and humidity -- to one-tenth of a degree!  The caves create the best possible humidity and temperature for maturing their selection of cheese. To complete the Affinage process, by hand, they carefully turn, brush, wash and monitor each cheese’s maturation until it has reached its peak ripeness.

Artisanal has achieved a best-in-class reputation for the finest affinage practices in America, and consequently, is a supplier to the country’s best dining establishments, hotels and resorts. Cheese knows no fixed place or time – it’s as at home at any meal of the day as it is at casual and formal gatherings. It also makes a perfect gift, whether for you, or a friend or family member. 

Michelle Caruso, Director of Customer Service and Culinary Design at Artisanal Premium Cheese suggests these top five gifts from Artisanal:

  • Cheese of the Month Club
  • Celebration Collection: Eight cheeses and condiments
  • Artisanal Grand Tin: Five half-pound cheeses with dried fruits and crackers
  • Affinage Basket: Three cheeses with blueberry and thyme jam, panzanella crackers
  • French Cheese Box: Three to five cheese half-pounds and a pear confit