Viking Reviews and Testimonials

A month ago I sent you a letter, by way of fax, listing my extreme frustration with my Viking products and my experience with Viking customer service and repair. I would like to follow up that letter with a letter of sincere gratitude for the recent service I received. While I expected some response from your company, I did not expect to be treated so well.

I was surprised and impressed when I received a phone call from customer service representative, Showanda Young, the day after I faxed my letter. She informed me that the needed replacement parts would arrive the next day and the technician, Scot Bedford, would arrive two days later to make the necessary repairs. Everything happened just as Ms. Young said.

Mr. Bedford spent a great deal of time in my kitchen making sure that my refrigerator and my ovens worked properly. My ovens are working better than they ever have. I am very appreciative of his expertise, attention to detail and his sacrifice to drive all the way to Iowa just for my problem.

I am grateful for the professionalism of Ms. Young, in particular. She was the first person who spoke to me when I was so frustrated and angry. Her professionalism was exemplary. Her follow-up phone calls were timely and pleasant. She is to be commended for representing Viking so well.

The only concern I have now is that I have not been billed. While I recognize that you may be trying to appease a disgruntled customer, I am happy to pay for services rendered and for parts purchased and replaced. If your intention is to absorb the cost of my repairs than I must thank you very, very much. Again, this is an unexpected kindness.

In my previous letter, I mentioned that I would strongly discourage my friends and acquaintances from purchasing Viking appliances. I would like to retract that statement. You have turned me into one of your biggest fans. I didn't think that was possible. You and your employees have my whole-hearted appreciation. I am proud to be an owner of fine Viking products.

Lynne Gorton Cropper
Pleasant Valley, Iowa - July 16, 2014

I intended to write you this letter two weeks ago when Mike Lacombe visited my house in Falmouth, Massachusetts to address concerns I had about a new Viking range which I had purchased about 8 months ago.

You would be able to read about the events that took place in the records. However, after using the oven for the first time, I found it barely heated. Viking asked me to call a certified Viking appliance repair company locally. They told me it needed a new panel which was installed after a couple of weeks. Then there were a few more issues with the temperature light flashing or not going off all. After 6 visits, the appliance repair people told me the temperature would go from 350 to as low as 307 in a cycle. As you can imagine, this temperature change concerned me as it would obviously effect the outcome of a meal.

I was put in touch with Mike, who was patient, genuinely concerned and full of knowledge about the stove. He felt it was important to come to my house to test it himself and assured me if there was a problem with the unit, Viking would not walk away from it. While here, he exhibited the same care and knowledge. In fact, he was passionate about the company, the product and the workings of it! He did all sorts of tests and in the end, came to the conclusion that the test done by the appliance repair person was probably not accurate and possibly their quick step to start replacing parts only made me assume the entire piece was defective.

Please know that Mike is a loyal, honest and extremely knowledgeable part of your company. he taught me so much about the product while here including giving me ideas of how to clean it, care for it, recipes and more!

It was a pleasure to have met with him. He has given me the confidence that the stove is not defective and actually works the way it should.

Thank you for having the great customer service you do!

Sandra O'Connor
North Falmount, Massachusetts - April 18, 2014
I am a Personal Chef and Cooking Instructor and I've always wanted a Viking range, finally purchased mine a year ago. I didn't really know what I was missing until I installed this range. It was worth it!
Grant Tipton
Antioch, Illinios - June 09, 2014
We had spoken on the telephone and through email in the past and you were so kind and considerate in reference with my Viking appliances. Once again I am having difficulty with my refrigerator. Sallie Greenleaf assisted me this morning and I believe she needs to be commented for her patience just for listening to me. She was extremely professional and assisted me with the problem I was having. Once again she is an asset to the Viking company. Please let your boss be aware of this as well.
Mariann Panarello-Brian
April 15, 2014

We are writing to express our satisfaction on a warranty claim we made beginning some years ago on our Viking dual convection oven. We have had trouble with it sealed since we purchased it.

The Viking representative assigned to our customer service case was Ms. Lakenya Thomas. We want to let the company know that Ms. Thomas was exceptionally helpful and courteous to us. She was also very professional and patient throughout our matter. We were not passed around, nor was our matter minimized by Ms. Thomas.

We felt it as important to let you know how much we appreciated Ms. Thomas and her assistance in this matter. In the end, she was able to facilitate a fair settlement with us.

Gus and Christie Frangos
Hudson, Ohio - March 29, 2014
We love our Viking very much. The Lakewood people said that it is hard to clean the iron grates on top of the stove... Not True... Just put them in your large kitchen sink with hot water from the faucet and add baking soda and soak for 15 minutes then add white vinegar and watch the bubbles. Rinse with warm dish soap and dry and you have a brand new iron grate top. I would love someone from Viking to show me how to reach the white powder ash that is on the bottom of the oven. People ask me do you use your oven it look so clean... Of course I use my oven, it is just a joy.
Marion Walters
Pueblo West, Colorado - February 23, 2014

I won't bore you with a litany of all of our travails with my Viking range, but until we contacted Showanda Young, did we feel that our concerns were being heard. Showanda is patient, courteous and efficient. Once she was apprised of our situation, she took the matter in hand and made sure it was acted upon quickly. She returned our calls and emails promptly and made us feel that we were important. We think Viking is very fortunate to have her in its employ and that her work as a Customer Support Representative should be recognized.

We cannot thank her (and through her, Viking itself) enough.

Fran and Peter Jacobs
February 21, 2014

In November 2008, we moved into our house quite excited about everything especially with our new and updated beautiful appliances. Among other things, we have purchased several Viking appliances, a modern look double oven, an induction stovetop plus a lovely hood. Since our induction stovetop needed special pots and pans, I was not able to try and use the stove until many months later. From the first time I used the stove, only 3 of the burners were working and since I had smaller pots I assumed I needed bigger pots and pans for the large burners. I have a separate smaller kitchen that I used for daily cooking so I seldom used the Viking stove which is in my formal kitchen. For several years, I used the Viking stove maybe a total of 5 or 6 times and then in September last year, I tried to use it again and I noticed that only one burner was working and the red light was constantly blinking. I called your company and they referred me to a local service shop who gave a very expensive estimate to repair it. My husband and I were so frustrated and shocked thinking that we bought something expensive and have not even used its worth.

That is my real story and I knew I had very little chance to get your company to believe my story. I called your company again to ask for repair coverage/cost assistance. I talked to Jamie and told her my story expecting that our conversation will end the first time we talked. Jamie was very professional, courteous and patient in listening to me and most of all, she believed me and told me that she will try to find out from her management of there is anything you can do for me. This is so far-fetched that someone trusted and believed someone on the phone and I am so thankful that there are still people that listen and trust people. My stove is now fully operational and I hope to use it as much as I can, of course, cautiously, because I want to keep it for a long time. Jamie has been so patient with my calls, explaining the status of my request every time I called and finally helping us out to get our stove repaired with us just paying for the labor.

It was a very memorable and most satisfying experience to work with Jamie and we could not pass this opportunity to voice our most sincere appreciation and special commendation for Jamie. Please convey our deepest appreciation and thanks. She is truly the best role model for what she does at your company.

Azad and Lubna Ejaz
Brookville, Maryland - January 25, 2014