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  • LED Control Panel

    Illuminated controls include a Time to Clean alert, ensure optimum operation.

  • Illuminated Bin

    Illuminated Bin

    Interior LED light provides visibility for easy scooping.

  • Pure Refreshment

    Only pure water freezes in the inverted copper system, creating completely tasteless and odorless ice. A slow-melting cube shape also ensures undiluted flavor in drinks.

  • Heavy Duty Supply

    Produces up to 65 lbs. of fresh ice per day. Ice bin stores up to 26 lbs. of ice at any given time.

  • Sparkling Clean "Wet" Ice

    Ice cubes are always crystal clear, scoop after scoop. The ice slowly melts in the storage bin. So old ice drains away to make room for fresh cubes. These "wet" cubes also prevent clumping.

15" Outdoor Clear Ice Machine - FGIM

Model Number:

Shown with Professional Series Door Panel - PIDP15