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  • Bag Storage Compartment

    Integral bag storage compartment means bags are always within reach.

  • Odor Control System

    Trash never smelled so good. Eliminate the odor of trash with our six month, auto advance, odor control with disc change indicator.

  • Digital Display

    Programmable compaction cycles for automatic operation with LED display.

  • Large Capacity

    Show garbage who's boss with 3,000 pounds of crushing power for a family's weekly trash. 1.55 cubic-foot trash drawer allows random loading of bulky items.

  • Maximum Compacting Power

    More power, less waste. In 35 seconds, our 3/4 HP motor. Crushes and holds up to 30 lbs. of compacted trash.

15" Wide Trash Compactor - FCU150

Model Number:

Shown with optional door panel - PTDP15