Exclusive Finishes

  • Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Black (BK)
  • White (WH)
  • Central Intelligence™ System

    The computerized command center monitors performance levels throughout the entire wash cycle, constantly optimizing water pressure and temperature.

  • Five-Stage Filtration and Waste Removal

    A meticulous filtering and disposer system prevents redepositing of food particles to deliver spot free dishes. It even keeps itself clean.

  • Vari-Pressure Intelli-Wash™ System

    Instead of simply adjusting wash time, the Intelli-Wash™ system actually customizes water temperature, pressure, and speed for each load.

  • Sure-Temp™ Water Heating

    The 1200-watt HydroFlo™ water heater delivers sanitizing strength and precision temperature control every time.

  • Quiet Clean™ Performance Package

    Multi-stage insulation, cushion-mounted components, and ultra-quiet three-phase motor, so quiet that only the blue LED power on light in the kick plate indicates that the cycle is running.

  • AirFlo™ Gentle Drying

    The fan-driven drying system gently circulates air over, under, and around every dish in the racks.

  • Sturdi-Bilt™ Racks

    Extendable nylon racks accommodate everything from tall wine glasses to casserole pans. The NEW fully extendable side basket is the perfect place to load large cutlery and utensils.

24" Professional Dishwasher - VDB451

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