Exclusive Finishes

  • Stainless Steel (SS)

Fuel Options

Burner Configuration

  • High-Performance Commercial-Type Burners

    High Performance Commercial-Type Burners

    Powerful 18,000 BTU burner delivers commercial power for high heat sauteing, rapid boiling and quick recovery.

  • Permanently Sealed Burners

    Permanently Sealed Burners

    Highest combined BTU rating in the industry, featuring sealed burners with brass burner rings in a wide variety of sizes.

  • Simmer Settings

    Simmer settings on all burners allows low BTU output for heating delicate sauces.

  • Automatic Electric Spark Ignition

    SureSpark™ Ignition System

    Exclusive SureSpark™ Ignition System ensures automatic ignition/re-ignition should flame extinguish at any time while cooking.

  • Continuous Grate Cooking Surface

    ScratchSafe™ Grate Design

    Exclusive ScratchSafe™ Grate Design provides ultimate protection from scratches and ensures proper placement of the heavy-duty, porcelain-coated cast iron grates.

36" Gas Cooktop - VGSU5361

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