Viking Reviews and Testimonials

"I purchased my viking oven for the home after researching ovens for my dessert business which I was going to open. The viking oven was the first ovens I saw that were made for home use but provided services that top quality chefs look for in an oven. The black/stainless steel 30-inch oven I purchased with the bib and pull out tray was a work of art. It baked/cooked/broiled/defrosted, etc. and I was in seventh heaven. It served my business well and paid for itself in no time. I even purchased professional pots to compliment my oven. The only parts I have ever replaced were my ignitors and did that only twice in over 15 years. People that have come to my home have marveled at the beautiful viking oven in my kitchen and say what a work of art. I wish I had a picture to show people because that oven shines and still looks as good as when I purchased her over 15 years ago. I luv my oven and she is a work of art unto itself. Trust me, you can''t go wrong by purchasing a viking oven. Thank you Viking for making a professional and affordable oven that served my business well. My desserts were well received once I started baking them in my oven."
Mary Lewis
Newburgh, New York
"We remodeled our kitchen a few years ago. At the time, I had a Jenn Aire cooktop and Thermador double ovens. I was ready for a change and started researching...and shopping. I was also a Realtor at the time and I started noticing that every time I was in a beautiful kitchen, that I loved, it had a Viking range. Then, my friend who lived in Missouri, remodeled her kitchen and she put in a Viking range. That did it, I had to have a Viking Range and ovens. I still love it to this day and have never had any problems and it's been at least 7 years. Thanks Viking for making such great appliances."
Elene Mackey
San Clemente, California
"When we were building our new house in 1988, I happened to see a Viking Stove while I was looking for windows. I fell in love, of course. I took the material home and showed my husband. He of course, said no that it was just out of the question. I was to look at other places and forget about the Viking. As I looked for other items for the kitchen, my search for a stove proved futile. It was just too hard to start at the TOP, then go down. Then, one day, my hubby had to go to that same dealer who had the windows (along with the kitchen display). He came home with more papers and said, "I saw THE STOVE." We agreed then that the Viking was the one for us. We moved into our house in 1989 and have loved it since then. This was a model that was made during the second year of production. We love it and wouldn't trade it for the world. Still happy with our Viking 48" double oven!"
Judy Porter
Canton, Mississippi
When we remodeled our kitchen, I really wanted Viking appliances, because I had installed them in multiple customer's home's and was really impressed with the quality. It's amazing how you can just look at a Viking hood vent, refrigerator, or dishwasher and see the quality, they don't look like your average appliance. It's like your neighbor saying his Jetta drives as good as your BMW, once you use something of supreme quality everything else pales in comparison. One Thanksgiving I used all the burners and both ovens at the same time, and everything came out perfect, the temperature control is amazing, what a joy.
Drew Flynn
Port Orange, Florida
I need to let you know my great satisfaction with a member of your customer support team. Jamie Phillips has been a tremendous help with resolving a serious problem with my Viking Range. Jamie’s helpfulness has made a difficult situation less so by her determined efforts to help. Great job Jamie.
David Koziel
I just have to write to you because I just can’t say enough about what great customer service I have experienced in dealing with you. I read some not so flattering things about Viking and repairs but your nothing like what I have read. To lend some credibility to my statement, about knowing what good customer service is, please let me tell you what I do for a living. I’m a Nissan Automotive Service manager in the largest Nissan dealership in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont and the 3rd largest in Massachusetts. We are located in sunny Manchester, NH and my goal here is to supply the kind of service you just delivered to me, to every one of my customers. We do a pretty good job of it but you went above and beyond with my strange situation. Honestly. if you were close by I would be trying to steal you away. I hope you can share this with your supervisor so that he or she may read my email and give you a well-deserved pat on the back or better yet a raise. Thanks again for all you have done for the Briggs family!
Chuck Briggs
Lee, New Hampshire
To whom it may concern, Hello, I just wanted to send a quick email and let you know about my customer service experience with one of your reps. I called on behalf of my employer who recently remodeled his kitchen and was missing a part to his refrigerator/freezer. The woman I spoke to was so sweet, helpful and kind. She went out of here way to try and find out some information for me that I'm certain is not common. She was just so pleasant and I wanted to let you know. This Reps name is Sally at extension 1004. I am a young professional and currently cannot afford your products at this time, but when I can you will have a loyal customer in me!
Victoria Cooley

My name is Jaime Dominguez and I am the assistant to Janet Jones. Janet had to order some cosmetic part replacements for her microwave and wall oven at the end of last year. The process has been a bit tedious since these parts take longer to arrive and Janet is anxious to have these appliances fixed.

Showanda has been of amazing help. She has been attentive, kind, assuring and has had fantastic follow up. I have worked in customer service for 23 years and know how difficult it can be, especially when you are trying to resolve an issue for a customer. Many times, you can only do so much and still receive the brunt of their frustration.

Exceptional customer service is rare these days and it is so refreshing to have someone that does such an amazing job.

She is wonderful and we are grateful to have her continue to assist us.

Jaime Dominguez
Los Angeles, California