Viking Reviews and Testimonials

We've heard about Viking Ranges for years and we'd been wanting one all these years, so we finally got one because we got gas hooked up. I grew up with gas, and when we moved to Florida, Florida had mostly just electricity or electric ranges. My husband's from Mississippi, so we had to look at Mississippi in getting a Viking and we love it. It's the first time he's cooked on a gas stove, and it's so much better. It cooks so much nicer and the food tastes better. Everybody from Viking was great. The gas that we put in had been delayed and they kept the stove there, and then they brought it as soon as we needed it.

Boca Raton, FL

Viking is good stuff and made in the U.S, and the quality of our range has been good so far. We wanted a big range and the dealer was well-versed on the product.

Dayton, TX

I've known about Viking Ranges for as long as I can remember. I went with them as they seemed to be the right fit for me in terms of power of the stove top and availability of an electric oven. I'm quite happy with the one I have so far. I like the size, the power of the burners, and the griddle. The reps were quite helpful too. I called once just after it was installed because there was something I wasn't sure was normal, but they gave me helpful advice about how to adjust it.

Va, VA

My son has a Viking range and I also saw it in other homes. I was pleased with it and I got one, too. I went to a company that's a distributor of Viking Ranges and their reps were very good and patient, so I ordered from them. Their salesman was not having to win me, but he kept in touch with me and was very good. The range was installed a couple of months ago and I love its sturdiness. I like its quality and burners, too. Its features are really simple. However, they set the igniter too far away and it wasn't adjusted properly from the factory. So, I had to call them to adjust that and my experience went smoothly. I would recommend Viking Ranges.

Green Creek, NJ

I learned about Viking Ranges from word of mouth from a friend. I chose them for their reputation. I've had the range for 2 months and I love the quality of the range -- especially the griddle. I would tell a friend to totally get it.

Long Beach, NY

The Viking range is a known quality item. I've never purchased an appliance that's expensive as all this stuff is. Like if you're accustomed to buying an economy car, then you walk into the Rolls Royce dealership. Viking did a pretty amazing job explaining everything and it was a whole another level of service that I've never experienced in appliances before. They also sent over a wonderful service person who diagnosed everything and did a great job.

Charleston, SC

We had Viking in the past. It was something we became accustomed to and it really never gave us a bunch of problems. We decided to stay with something that we like and we got a Viking range. The Viking dealer was great. He was helpful, showed us the different products and features, and led us in the right direction. Our range is really nice, and I really like its portable griddle top.

Woodbridge, CT

We've always heard good things about Viking. Going back well over a decade ago, we started with one of their outdoor grills. And then, when we moved into our house and we went with one of their fridges. We had a spot for a 60-inch range, so we were looking at Viking and then one other brand. Everything looked pretty comparable and we had the fridge already and had good luck with that so we said, "You know what, let's just keep everything uniform and stick with Viking." The range cooks fast and it cooks nice. You don't get one corner of the oven at lesser temperature than the other. It produces really good results.