Viking Reviews and Testimonials

Our story began in 2003 when we purchased a historic home near the beach that had it's last kitchen renovation in the mid 70's. We knew that it would be a labor of love renovating this home and the look of kitchen was terribly outdated. There was one saving grace; the appliances were Viking! We were now the proud owners of not one but two side-by-side Viking ranges, a Viking trash compactor, and a Viking ice maker. The renovations were costly and time-consuming but with the Viking appliances that still appeared new and worked perfectly, our costs for the kitchen renovation were much less than anticipated.

Ten years later, we are still the proud owners of two side-by-side Viking ranges, a Viking trash compactor, a Viking ice maker and have added a full size Viking wine cellar to the kitchen that is now the hub of our home. In spite of their age, our 40 year old appliances look brand new and work beautifully. The new wine cellar matches the old appliances despite the age difference and our friends still ooh and aah over the Viking brand that never seems to lose it's appeal. There is no other brand that could make the transition from a 70's kitchen to a kitchen in 2013 and still be perfect for years to come.

Joanna Worch
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
We remodeled our kitchen three years ago and we purchased a six-burner gas Viking cooktop. We love to cook so this was a great choice from this point of view but didn't know what a PAIN is going to be to keep it clean in particular the cast iron grates.
Anca Smith
Lakewood, Colorado
I bought a professional stand alone Viking Gas Range, with the hood and the Professional Dish Washer. I love them. The stove cooks a loaf of bread and a roast to perfection. And, the dishwasher is quiet and does a great job. I love my Viking kitchen.
Charles Ohlmeyer
Mandeville, Louisiana
For 12 years I lusted after a gas Viking range. I finally got one, along with a microwave drawer, and range hood. One month later, I divorced my husband and lost the appliances (not really), but left them in the house. I get to visit the wonderful appliances when I visit my dog and two cats. That range is the most wonderful thing in the world, I wish I had one now!!!
Jennifer Ramey
West Frankfort, Illinois
I have the Viking 48" side by side refrigerator. All was well until there was a hinge recall. I promptly had the service performed. There was a wonderful woman, Jackie, at the Viking Customer Service, who I really felt listened and cared. Jackie later called me and extended the offer from Viking for a new refrigerator. We were delighted! A gentleman, Steve O. set up the delivery date and time. I have to tell you yes, we have had issues... but they have been taken care of. Viking has some amazing people that directly work for them or an authorized company. These people do their jobs and have pride in the company that they work for. That is something you do not come across too often.
Janet Aiello
Wayne, Illinois
I tell people that after 20+ years of marriage, my husband bought me a "corvette", and I parked it in my kitchen! It is my Viking stove, and I love it! What a dream to cook and can produce with!
Charlotte Wyles
Tomahawk, Wisconsin

My wife and I love our Viking products. Performance is great and looks to go with it. Our dual fuel range has the built in grill and we love to use it on rainy days or just when we don't want to hassle with the outdoor grill. The range has so many cooking options and this is wonderful. I can bake different meats then broil my meats to the texture and color I prefer.

The partner to our range is the 48" vent hood and no extra smoke when grilling inside. Our Viking dishwasher takes care of the aftermath from a family meal. So quiet, I'm glad the dishwasher has the light on the bottom plate so my kids will know it's already running. The refrigerator holds so much in the top and bottom sections. The undercounter ice machine is great. When I'm enjoying my kids softball games I can fill my handy water cooler with ice and a small cooler for my girls and we're set for the day. I love our Viking smoker. I've smoked chicken, ribs, Boston butts, and even fish. All have come out tasting and looking great! The smoker can cook a lot at one time. You can cook for a team of people on a Viking smoker.

Our Viking products help make our home a home with the great meals my wife prepares for our family. When friends are over we always end up in the kitchen and normally this is where we stay. Viking products are made in Greenwood Mississippi and I'm so proud and thankful to have Viking in my home but most of all, the memories of my family sitting at the table enjoying meals prepared by my wife with our Viking kitchen. Thank You, Viking!

Scotty Thornton
Carrollton, Mississippi
I bought this house we live in and all of the appliances came with the house There was a recall with the refrigerator door... Viking repaired it. I love my stovetop and outdoor grill. Viking is an excellent company to do business with.
Eileen VanGrofski
Asheville, North Carolina