Viking Reviews and Testimonials

When I decided to remodel my kitchen with upgraded appliances, I looked at all manufactures. After much shopping and testing of different rangetop, I decided on the Viking (VGRT530-30") four burner gas rangetop. Clean, simple design and very high BTU's on its burners. It was priced like similar units, but the output, simple knobs and grates and being able to light sealed burners in power outages were the deciding factors. The unit is just about two years old and not one problem. I am happy that I made the right choice.
Wil Turner
Sparks, Nevada

I am a seasoned amateur cook with many years of experience and when I moved into my new dream apartment my biggest concern was working with an electric range as the apartment block does not supply gas. Also I wanted to upgrade the present range for a Viking and was very pleased to see that Viking made a profession line induction range. As I had some experience with induction cooktops and owned a complete range of All-Clad cookware I went ahead and bought the Viking induction range. It was the absolute best thing I ever did. Not only was the range extremely well made and very attractive but it is possibly the best cooking range I have ever used. The oven is spacious and efficient and the induction cooktop is clean, fast and in combination with my stainless steel cook ware, it gives me all the versatility of gas without the mess.

I could never go back as cleaning the glass top is easy and efficient. The convection oven is also efficient and turns out beautiful pastries and pie crusts. In all, I feel that purchasing this beautiful range was one of the best things I have ever done and certainly provides me with all the efficiency of gas cooking. I love my Viking range and take every opportunity to show friends and introduce them to the efficiency of induction cooking and the efficiency and beauty of the Viking range. I would fully recommend this product to anyone who like to cook but is restricted to electricity as the source of heat. Now I am buying the Viking microwave with built-in hood to complete my cooking area.

Terry Phillips
Washington, D.C.
Great piece of cooking equipment. And Great looking... Only problem is it looks so professional that my friends now expect gourmet dinners on such a pro stove... So in fact this good looking Viking has forced me to take a cooking course... Bottom line: as a result of buying this 30" Viking range, I am in fact now a better cook... No make that Chef... And my friends now are not disappointed when dining here with us... Would definitely recommend Viking products to anyone who is serious about cooking... A well engineered product and in addition it is made right here in the good old USA...Yea...
Lawrence Giangregorio
Peabody, Massachusetts
I'm a firm believer that you "get what you pay for" and I truly loved my Viking Pro Range and hood. I loved the styling, quality and the high BTU's but after really getting into using the oven - I wanted a range with convection - so I decided to upgrade to a convection oven. When I went to purchase a new range - I had not worked in a while due to the economy and I didn't want to finance any large purchases so the salesman talked me into purchasing a DCS range with convection. BOY - was that a MISTAKE! I've had nothing but problems with this stove the minute the warranty expired! How I dream of the old days of my Viking! I should have just trusted my gut and purchased what I always wanted. So I pass on to you what I was told as a child - "When you buy - buy good - cause when you buy good - YOU HAVE"! I need to heed the lessons I learned as a child! Someday - I'll get that new Viking Range WITH the Convection oven!
Prentice Lennon
Los Angeles, California
Many years ago while walking down a street in Boston, i saw my first Viking Range in the window of a restaurant supply store. It was so beautiful in stainless steel, and with two ovens, i just had to have it. My wife and i swore that someday we would have our own house, and we would have that Viking range. Well we did finally build a beautiful big home, and we did buy that Viking range. We have had many large dinner parties, and have cooked and baked anything and everything you can imagine. It has been the best appliance we have ever owned. It works flawlessly day after day, and still looks great with its shiny stainless steel skin. It is now about 16 years old and still, it looks as good as the day it arrived. Its the focal point of my kitchen. Now we are looking at remodeling our summer home, and would love to have a Viking range for that home too. I'm sure we will find the right one to fit nicely in this beach house too. "GREAT JOB VIKING". WE LOVE IT
Francis Ricciardi
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
When my new cottage was built, I had all Viking appliances installed. This was my first time using your products. Unfortunately, as "luck" would have it for one reason or another, the stove and dishwasher didn't work correctly. We called the distributor who fixed the stove and after many failed attempts to repair the dishwasher, your company replaced the dishwasher at no cost to us. Good job, well done and be rest assured that all of our appliances in the future will be Viking.
James Weber
I've lived in a house built in 1899 for 12 years. Unfortunately, the kitchen was from the 50's and UGLY. I've been planning kitchen in my head all this time. Doing most of the work ourselves, my husband and I smiled when we threw out the last of the cream and gold Formica. As the kitchen started coming together, we knew we had done it right. We had the Viking dishwasher, French door refrigerator, and microwave in for a couple of weeks, but it wasn't until the chimney hood and 48" range were installed that it seemed complete. We have the 48" all gas with a griddle and adore it. In only a few days, we've already cooked breakfast, chili, tomato pie, cornbread, cookies, and cupcakes - all came out perfectly. Coming from a glass top stove with uneven ovens, it's absolutely wonderful to not have to use extra cookie sheets to keep your cookies from burning. It was a long time coming, but it was all worth the wait!
Daphne Williams
Carrollton, Mississippi
We just wanted to drop a note and say what a great job Michael McCain did for us. We are out of the normal service areas here in Texas and without him we feel our refrigerator would still be on the BLINK.
Vanessa Young
Wimberley, Texas