Viking Reviews and Testimonials

I love my Viking. Wouldn't have anything but!
Clee Ragus
My Viking story is a DREAM, A fairtale. Once upon a time, Viking Stoves had a Facebook contest and I WON a 30 inch Viking Stove!! I was SO happy, for now I could actually BAKE again, since my old stove can't even heat evenly so I gave up. Oh My Viking that I Won IN A CONTEST let me bake again. And since it had NO computer controls, it never ever broke down ever and I baked happily ever after. The end.
Debra Sluis
“I have been working with Jamie Bird at Viking and he has been extremely helpful with getting my warranty registration in front of the right people. He was very responsive to all of my emails and made this process successful. I have a kitchen full of Viking appliances and am very proud to be a customer of Viking. I will be doing future business with Viking as I am sold on their quality and especially their customer service. I am a proud owner of Viking appliances.”
Kathy Andrews
Richland Hills, TX
We have a strip steak roast in the Viking at 500 degrees for 6 min a pound. Sits in the oven turned off for 2 hours after. Mmmmmm. Thanks to our Viking.
Jennifer McKinney
Our new Viking cooktop is amazing. Have cooked on all the burners and we are very pleased with the performance. Very powerful and safe and secure feeling when we cook. Wouldn't change a thing!
C Faddis
I had a Viking range 25 years ago, which is still working, and I moved it up to our lake house. We kept it in good shape. So, I bought a new one for my house and it works awesome. I was looking to switch just for some change and see if I like something more, but I love Viking. I bought the one that is all inclusive where there is not different pieces now in which they didn’t have before, and I love that. I also love the pull-out racks now that glide really nice, as well as the bigger window. I like the one burner that is really more powerful in my right corner and just so with the overall. I like the weight of the dials. I love everything about it and I am very happy with it. I got the dishwasher too and I love that, too. Also, the Viking dealer I had was awesome. I highly recommend it.
Downers Grove, IL
The Viking Range makes me feel like a Master Chef... In 30 years and many gas ranges, this is the best range we have ever had. We had a minor service problem with our grill and gas broiler which was immediately taken care of without charge. The service department was by far the best I've dealt with in my experiences with other companies. We are going to be moving soon and I will get another Viking - The Best Gas Range Ever!!!
Falls Church, VA
We have the 36-inch Viking range. We purchased from AJ Madison online, and the shipping was fine. I like the size and the durability. It just feels super solid.
Louisville, CO