Viking Reviews and Testimonials

Everybody talks about how good of a stove the Viking is. I just fell in love with the ranges. When I purchased it, I love the fact that it had the griddle in the middle. I never had a range like that. Plus the dealer was pleasant, straightforward and very helpful.

South Salem, NY

We had seen Viking ranges in different homes when we were looking to buy a home. So, when we decided to build a home, we wanted to go ahead with the Viking product because we did a lot of research and we thought it had a lot of good ratings and a lot of customers were happy with the product. We like the features on the Viking and the overall performance was really highly rated. Our builder sent us to the source that he uses, Galleria. It is in Picayune, Mississippi and we went to the store and purchased ours there. Glenda was the lady we dealt with and she was very accommodating, knowledgeable, and helpful. The quality of our range is very nice. We just moved into our new home. I have the owner’s manual sitting by my chair at night but I haven't read a whole lot. But what I’ve been using I’ve been enjoying.

Covington, LA

I love the quality of Viking Ranges. My husband had a restaurant before so we had some of their products. We picked it because there’s no electronic stuff. It’s very simple. We tried different stoves and they have electronic components in them and they went bad quickly. On the last one we had, the little plastic with all the stuff that they have where they push the button burned. So, we got fed up with it. Our favorite feature so far with our Viking is the burners. You can put four pots and pans, big ones at a time, and have enough space to cook without having to move anything. Also, the lady who helped us at the dealer was super nice. Not only did she know what she was talking about when we asked for stuff, she showed us a couple of them. Viking is worth the money that you're spending on it.

Bakersfield, CA
Thank you Viking for the wonderful customer service with my cooktop. Especially during challenging times when it's so hard to question anything. My first question in any appliance purchase is always "how is the support system". You have won my heart and will decorate my new kitchen in Viking appliances!