Viking Reviews and Testimonials

Wow!! Thank you very much! We LOVE your products! My hubby installed the double ovens, the cooktop, the self-venting hood and now we just got the french door fridge! LOVE, love love them!! Took awhile to save up for all of them, but worth every penny! Thank you so very much for providing appliances that are not only BEAUTIFUL, but SAFE, too!!!!!!
Kelly W.
Fork River, New Jersey
Thank you so much for all your hard work to resolve our family's issue with our microwave. You made us feel like extremely valued customers . I am delighted to say that I am finishing preparing my family's holiday meal using my new, perfectly-functioning microwave. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your attention.
Juliet W.
New York, New York
Dealing with you has been truly a top customer care experience.
Andrew Y.
Anaheim, California
My happy place is in the kitchen with my #viking range. #baking #brownies #ovens #therapeutic #sugarrush
Subah A.
Ordered my Viking in July 2012. It was delivered 3 days before our annual summer pool party, but the delivery guy threw out the burners with the packing material. I contacted Viking through Facebook, and they overnighted a new set of burners - party saved!
Elle W.
Please accept a GREAT BIG THANK YOU from myself and my family! The new fridge is working beautifully! Joe and his team were SUPER-helpful, prompt, professional and courteous. Thank you all so much for the quick attention and action you have given this matter. I have told many people about this amazing experience and have advised anyone looking for appliances to not even consider any brand other than VIKING. My husband and I are amazed at the level of customer service and how you have stood by your product. I cannot say enough good things! I have shared my positive experience on several Facebook groups that I am a part of and will continue to sing your praises!
Toronto, Canada
The precision of manufacturing is immediately apparent just glancing at the knobs that turn not like that of an entry lever gas stove but what I expect from your nameplate. The elongated center burner is creative and puts Viking back to being an innovator rather than a "me to" brand. Both burners and oven fires fast! The new smooth gliding racks that extend appropriately are unique and will be a pleasure to use. Your adding convection and self-cleaning features to the oven should be on every high end model. Well done here now. The stove pan being enamel and smooth will make for easier cleaning and a better choice than stainless. Thanks for making me pleased with choosing Viking. This is what one expects.
Essex, Connecticut
I want to thank you for company's response to my earlier letter about my Viking stove. Your customer support representative handled this matter in most professional way and was a real advocate for me in the process. We don't always get things right. What distinguishes good companies from not so good ones is the willingness to listen and act upon customer concerns. That is ultimately what makes for great products and services. In this instance Viking excelled.
Raleigh, North Carolina