Viking Reviews and Testimonials

I was looking into a more professional level of cooking appliances. My husband's parents have had Viking for years and he really liked them so we just went with that one instead of a Wolf. They're all very similar but I liked the name recognition and experience of Viking. The dealer was excellent, very knowledgeable about the product and helpful with questions.

Our Viking range is of excellent quality. We have a dual range and a cooktop that's propane so we really like the feature of the convection and all the options in the oven. We like the size of it too. We have six burners and it definitely functions with big holiday events. And when we had any repair issues, which had been minimal, they were very quick to get us a repair guy here and they did a great job.

Durham, NH

The dealer I was buying from was having a weekend event and they had reps from different appliance companies. I didn't want the typical LG or any of the regular brands like GE Profile or KitchenAid. I had KitchenAid gas range before and I wasn't happy with it because the burner wasn't totally heating. It had a little gap, so I had to keep turning whatever I was cooking so it would cook evenly. I also had a GE refrigerator and that was awful. This time, I wanted something higher-end and so we decided to go with Viking.

Also, Viking was still more affordable. I purchased a whole kitchen and all my appliances are now Viking. It looks great and it’s definitely high-end. The range definitely cooks evenly and I'm happy with it. The stovetop has been my favorite feature as well. Overall, one can tell the quality of Viking just in cooling down the stove or the oven door. I can feel the quality compared to the other standard brands.

San Ramon, CA

I like that the Viking range's construction and the reports that I’ve seen about it, and being six burners with an extra-large oven made it a perfect match for the kitchen. The craftsmanship of the range that I got is beautiful and everything is enclosed. It has the proper sparkers to hook up the gas and the electric. And the burners are fantastic but Viking really did a great job on the engineering of the simmer. It’s beautiful. And I like that I can take the knobs off and wash them. They're metal and looks like they’re gonna be there for a long time.

I bought my Viking range through ABT Electronics in Chicago. And the packaging was perfect and it came perfectly protected. Their giveaway, the Viking dishwasher, also helped me with the purchase and further rebates in another order is always a nice thing to have. All in all, the Viking range is a great product. And from what I’ve seen, it is really nicely engineered with all heavy cast iron components and burners, the knobs, and the interior enforcement. I haven’t seen a product that’s like this yet and the simmer is adjustable and it's really nice that I can put it up or down. The range sits off the floor, too, so I can sweep underneath.

Fair Lawn, NJ

I love the quality of the range we purchased from Viking. And I really like the cook top, and the style of the range. Our experience at the Viking dealer was excellent. We came in contact with the owner of the company, and I was impressed with his personality. He's a great person, there was no pressure as far as the sales, and he showed us around the showroom. Everything has been great. And if somebody would ask about Viking, I'd say it is the best.

Orlando, FL

We went with a Viking range because of its reputation. The cost was also okay for the label. We purchased it from Ferguson and the quality was good. Viking is a little more industrial or commercial, which is good. The output is great for the meat used for cooking. The overall, the construction is pretty sturdy, so I like that.

Austin, TX

I wanted a Viking range for decades, so every time I looked at commercial-type ranges, it was usually either Viking or Wolf. But, Viking has always been the commercial style range that I wanted, but I put it off for years and years because I wanted the double oven size with six burners. Then I realized that to get the one I wanted, it would involve remodeling half of my kitchen to make space for it. So, I finally decided that, instead of putting it off because of that, I'm just going to get the 30-inch one, so it would fit into the existing space. And so I did and I'm happy. I bought ours at Colder's, a furniture store, and I worked with someone who specializes in Viking ranges. It is an authorized dealer.

I've always had electric ranges my whole life. And one of the things that I haven't liked in the past about gas ranges is the gas oven. I'd prefer an electric oven and a gas stovetop. And now that they make dual-fuel ranges that are the perfect answer for me. Also, I just like the ruggedness of it. The hole that you put the pots on, they're like army tanks. They're big, heavy, iron grates that are just so well-built. And the whole thing is heavy-duty that can last a lifetime. I like the simplicity of it, too. The electric range that I replaced was all digital. It had all kinds of extra digital features that I never used. This one has mechanical knobs, and everything works perfectly.

However, the caveat is they're expensive. So, you really have to be dedicated to cooking. If they were cheaper, I would have bought two. You really have to want that kind of a range before you are willing to spend that much money. Other than that, from the performance and quality of the Viking, it is 5-star all the way. It would be my top recommendation for a commercial range.

Waukesha, WI

I've been a homeowner for a lot of years and I've always seen and known about Viking Ranges. They're lovely, a dream come true and everybody wants one. We have an appliance store down the street and when we went down there to look for dishwashers, they were running a special where if we bought a range, we'd get a dishwasher for free. So, we just dove in, bit the bullet and got it. We've dealt with the fellow there several times and he's always been great with us. We've had to purchase items over the years and we always go back to him. He had a floor model of this particular range and he said that it was a great product, so that's what we went with. Everything was great and it worked out really well. Viking speaks for itself and you can't go wrong with it. It's a beautiful piece of appliance and I love it. It's a statement piece when you walk into the kitchen.

North Caldwell, NJ

A family member introduced me to Viking ranges and their aesthetics and performance convinced me to buy from them. The people at the dealership were great and knowledgeable about the product. We've been using our range for a month now and so far so good. We've tried all its features and they all work very well.

Cincinnati, OH