Fun Summer Recipes for Kids

Whether your child is interested in becoming a chef - or just wants to cook and enjoy great food - these original recipes from the Viking Cooking School will introduce them to fun flavors in the kitchen, just in time for summer. To find a cooking school near you, visit

Kids and teens classes include the American Summer Tour, Summer Essentials, One-day Culinary Basics, Classic Steakhouse, From Farm to Table, Special Mother's Day Dinner, Pizza Party, and Mother-Daughter Tea Party.


Herb-Stuffed Salmon Roulade
This preparation brings new elegance to a large salmon fillet by butterflying it, spreading it with a citrus, herb and garlic paste and then forming a roulade.
Brined and Grilled Pork Chops with Chipotle Glaze
Brining adds flavor and moisture to these lean chops - it’s the prefect way to get them ready to grill. The chops are finished off with a thick brushing of Chipotle Glaze, adding a huge amount of spicy, sweet and smoky flavor.
Chocolate Chip and Dried Cherry Oatmeal Cookies
Oatmeal cookies, an all-American favorite, get an extra boost of flavor from chocolate chips and dried cherries. In addition to tasting great, the chocolate and cherries are good for you!
Chocolate Gelato
Gelato, the famous Italian ice cream, is considered by many to be the finest ice cream in the world.  It has less air incorporated into it than American ice cream, which makes it very dense, allowing the flavor to really shine through, and it is typically lower in fat than American-style ice cream.