Viking Reviews and Testimonials

We've been looking forward to building a shop in New Orleans for several years now.  We wanted the space to feel like our home – complete with a back yard, and large kitchen tables we could use for display as well as for dinners with friends – and we really wanted to have a full kitchen.  We immediately thought of VIKING to help create an environment that would bring the kitchen's full potential to life.  Our plan is to host visiting chefs in the space - this really sets the house apart.  New Orleans is our first shop to have a full kitchen and we are so proud to have a partner like VIKING involved.
Billy Reid, American Fashion Designer
Florence, Alabama
Aloha, my name is Sam Choy. I am a local celebrity chef in Kona Hawaii island. We do cook a lot in our Viking kitchen we average about 10 to12 dinners a month. We have cooked parties for as small as 6 people and as large as 150 or more. On that note let me tell you why we love our Viking ranges and all the ovens, and the big wok burner and most of all our big refrigerator . One of the most fun parts about using our Viking kitchen is the organization of the whole meal from start to finish. The prepping is simple because of the refrigeration; you can organize your meal from start to finish. Then the cooking becomes a lot of fun. Then with your Viking kitchen the cleaning becomes as easy as cooking . The burners are easy because the burner comes apart and easy to put back all cleaned. We love our Viking kitchen for many reasons the quality is by far the best in the business, and the support you get from the service technician to the Viking support team puts Viking ahead of the competition. When your are planning your dream kitchen make it a Viking kitchen. You will never regret your choice of your Viking kitchen and it never look's outdated... Viking, what a great kitchen; product like family. Aloha, Chef Sam Choy.
Chef Sam Choy
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
"The thing that amazes me about the Viking Range oven compared to every other oven I have had is the even browning I get whether it is a frittata, pizza, or pie. We love it!"
Sandy and David B.
Los Angeles, California
"I love my 48" gas range. I always get great results, there's plenty of space for my cooking students to work and not only that, it looks really cool next to the old-fashioned, 15th century hearth where the contadina used to cook in what is now my Tuscan kitchen. I'm so lucky. And so are my clients who get to cook on a Viking Range in Tuscany!"
Elaine Trigiani
Montespertoli, Firenze, Italy
As author of over a dozen cookbooks and television producer of culinary programming for over 20 years, I have counted on Viking products. From the range in my kitchen to my outdoor grill, Viking has been my standard for quality and reliability. When you write recipes with America’s top chefs, there is really no room for error and Viking has never let me down.
Susie H.
Napa, California
Just installed today. My wife Can't wait to cook for the holiday's. Even though our kitchen remodel is 10 years old the up dated stainless makes it look new again. Just in time for my wife's birthday. Thanks again job well done.
Birnamwood, Wisconsin
"I recently purchased a lake house that has the entire kitchen outfitted with first class Viking appliances including the microwave. My wife and I are extremely impressed with the quality of the appliances and when it was time to replace the barbecue grill the only choice for us was which size Viking grill we would select. We picked the 42" with the full stainless cart and love it."
Roger F.
Newark, New Jersey
"I purchased the Viking electric range, and I wanted to take a minute to tell Viking what an amazing stove it is, and how impressed I am with it. Previous to this stove, I was a gas purest, but my new house does not have gas as an option. My wife loved the styling of this stove, so we took a chance. It is the best stove I have ever owned.The heat is responsive, fierce, and highly adaptable to my varying cooking needs and pan sizes. The oven heats quickly, cooks evenly, and broils like nothing I have experienced. With my other gas stoves, clean up was a 15 minute affair, but this stove is beyond easy to clean. This is a great product, and I happy that your company continues to excel as a leader."
Brian D.
Medway, Massachusetts