Viking Reviews and Testimonials

Great piece of cooking equipment. And Great looking... Only problem is it looks so professional that my friends now expect gourmet dinners on such a pro stove... So in fact this good looking Viking has forced me to take a cooking course... Bottom line: as a result of buying this 30" Viking range, I am in fact now a better cook... No make that Chef... And my friends now are not disappointed when dining here with us... Would definitely recommend Viking products to anyone who is serious about cooking... A well engineered product and in addition it is made right here in the good old USA...Yea...
Lawrence G.
Peabody, Massachusetts
I just have to write to you because I just can’t say enough about what great customer service I have experienced in dealing with you. I read some not so flattering things about Viking and repairs but your nothing like what I have read. To lend some credibility to my statement, about knowing what good customer service is, please let me tell you what I do for a living. I’m a Nissan Automotive Service manager in the largest Nissan dealership in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont and the 3rd largest in Massachusetts. We are located in sunny Manchester, NH and my goal here is to supply the kind of service you just delivered to me, to every one of my customers. We do a pretty good job of it but you went above and beyond with my strange situation. Honestly. if you were close by I would be trying to steal you away. I hope you can share this with your supervisor so that he or she may read my email and give you a well-deserved pat on the back or better yet a raise. Thanks again for all you have done for the Briggs family!
Chuck B.
I'm a firm believer that you "get what you pay for" and I truly loved my Viking Pro Range and hood. I loved the styling, quality and the high BTU's but after really getting into using the oven - I wanted a range with convection - so I decided to upgrade to a convection oven. When I went to purchase a new range - I had not worked in a while due to the economy and I didn't want to finance any large purchases so the salesman talked me into purchasing a DCS range with convection. BOY - was that a MISTAKE! I've had nothing but problems with this stove the minute the warranty expired! How I dream of the old days of my Viking! I should have just trusted my gut and purchased what I always wanted. So I pass on to you what I was told as a child - "When you buy - buy good - cause when you buy good - YOU HAVE"! I need to heed the lessons I learned as a child! Someday - I'll get that new Viking Range WITH the Convection oven!
Prentice L.
Los Angeles, California
Many years ago while walking down a street in Boston, i saw my first Viking Range in the window of a restaurant supply store. It was so beautiful in stainless steel, and with two ovens, i just had to have it. My wife and i swore that someday we would have our own house, and we would have that Viking range. Well we did finally build a beautiful big home, and we did buy that Viking range. We have had many large dinner parties, and have cooked and baked anything and everything you can imagine. It has been the best appliance we have ever owned. It works flawlessly day after day, and still looks great with its shiny stainless steel skin. It is now about 16 years old and still, it looks as good as the day it arrived. Its the focal point of my kitchen. Now we are looking at remodeling our summer home, and would love to have a Viking range for that home too. I'm sure we will find the right one to fit nicely in this beach house too. "GREAT JOB VIKING". WE LOVE IT
Francis R.
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
I have dreamed about having Viking appliances for years and finally purchased a 30" range, refrigerator and microwave in December. After almost of year of owning the, they are without a doubt fabulous. The oven is accurate and the burners are great. I purchased the D3 series. Thank you Viking for making appliances as you say you will/do.
Beverly S.
Elk Grove, California
My Viking range is not in a house in the usual sense of the term. I have always liked to cook and eat good food but by time I was able to get a Viking range I decided to retire and move onto a sailboat. I was 35 years old at the time. I had to settle for a gimbaled stove to move with the motion of the boat. This lasted for over 21 years as we sailed between Alaska and Florida via Panama. 13 years ago my boat sank out from under us in S.E. Alaska in 2,400 feet of water and left us in a skiff at night calling "mayday" on a hand held marine radio. The next morning we were picked up by coastguard plane and flown to Juneau. I went from there to Salt Lake City to go on the heart transplant waiting list. I rented an apartment while I waited for a donor heart. Almost 2 years later, I finally got one. We had to stay in Utah longer while the anti-rejection drugs were tweaked. When I finally got the go ahead to be more than 30 minutes from the hospital, we moved to Henderson, Nevada to be close to better food. This lasted only about 6 months and I bought a small motorhome and paid my rent for the year and took off. 100,000 miles later we decided that we could not take living in any building that we were aware of and decided to remain vagabonds. I had given up hopes of owning a Viking range. After much thought we bought the largest motor home we could find with the layout we could live with and with several changes (throwing out the washer and dryer and changing the space to pantry) we were able to remodel our galley to accommodate a 24 inch Viking range with infra-red broiler. We love It!! It is what I always wanted (except I wanted one with a grill too). As far as I know, I have the only motorhome in the world with a Viking Range. It has been in for over 5 years and I wouldn't trade it for any other stove.
Dean A.
Pahrump, Nevada
Every time I go to my Viking kitchen in Paradise, I feel like Queen for a Day! The whole set up is the best experience ever. And our dear friend and chef at Katie's Restaurant, Scot Craig praises "the whole set up is really cool. The quality of the equipment as in all Viking products is unsurpassed. Favorite item cooked on it were the char-grilled oysters!
Mary M.
New Orleans, Louisiana
We remodeled my husband's family home (160+ years old). He did not want to mess with the integrity of the old farm house too much, so blowing out walls in an old kitchen was not an option. The 48 inch Viking Range (my dream) was an amazing solution that fit in our kitchen. I got cooktop space and oven space. Plus beauty that fit well and is a jewel in our kitchen. Beauty - yes - but that's only a small part. The range and oven are incredible and do much too foster my love of cooking. We have the dual fuel - and we are on propane - and it cooks like a dream. My husband is in love with the griddle. I had never used a convection oven and I am very happy with it. I glanced other products but Viking was always what I wanted. Thanks!
Charlotte W.
Anahuac, Texas