Viking Reviews and Testimonials

I wanted to voice my extreme pleasure with your customer support team. Dealt with a woman (first name only) Hope. She did a wonderful job to satisfy our customer service needs on what was based as a design flaw by the repair company on our 6 burner range. If asked, nothing but high accolades on Viking stepping up to back your products. 
Bill Sharpe
January 22, 2014

I want to bring your attention to the fantastic help that Jamie Phillips provided on a recent phone call. I had been looking for information on my Viking range for some time and no one was able to help me find it.

Jamie took the time and was diligent in finding the information for me. I am converting my range from propane to natural gas and could not get it done without the information Jamie supplied.

She was a great help and I am a very happy customer.

William Brown
January 22, 2014

I want to thank you and all the members of your Viking Team for the replacement oven. All of the individuals and companies that we contacted are very professional and my wife and I appreciate all of your attention to detail.

The installers, South Shore Installers, were excellent in their work. They arrived on the date they promised and replaced the original oven with the new very efficiently. They respected our house and were very careful in how they removed the original oven and installed the new in the space that was built into our kitchen.

I also want to thank the Poirier Service Corporation of Norwood, Massachusetts for their time and effort to identify the original problem and proposing this resolution. I do not have their email address for correspondence or I would have included it on this message.

I also want to thank [Sophia] personally for [her] extremely professional approach to this matter. I have attached this note to the email stream so that I can demonstrate how good the service was to our request.

Please understand that the oven is a very integral part of the kitchen for which my wife is extremely attached. Making her happy with the new oven makes my day. I really thank you for all you did to make this work out for us.

Steve Freitas
January 14, 2014
Our refrigerator was finally repaired last Wednesday December 11, 2013. As of now it seems to be working great. We have brought our daughter's hair dryer back to her bathroom - hopefully for good. The sole purpose of this email is to thank those of you who were instrumental in helping resolve our serious refrigerator deficiencies. We don't know specifically who made the ultimate decision to authorize the repairs and parts replacements that were required but special thanks to you. Once that decision was made Jamie Phillips and Nicole Szwez were really great. They communicated with us the entire time as to the status of the parts orders, expected time of the receipt of the parts and then the scheduling of the return visit of the technician. The technician, Paul or Paulie as we heard him called was fantastic. Over the years we have had many technicians in our house for both the freezer and refrigerator and clearly he knows his stuff. Happy holidays to all of you. A satisfied (finally) Viking customer.
Steven Lowenthal
Brooklyn, New York - December 16, 2013

Many thanks to you for your actions on my behalf - they were greatly appreciated. You can imagine my distress with having the new Viking Range delivered, installed with only the burners operable.....add to that the limited time we were to be in Baltimore - AND - MORE IMPORTANTLY, my unspoken worry about what the MRI and MRA of my husband's brain might find, it was an enormously stressful period.

Darcy, Rusty and you are to be congratulated for the assistance you provided me during that period - I am forever in your debt! Also, please relay my thanks to everyone for their actions and to each of you for providing the extra year of warranty on the range - everything you have done is, as I said earlier, greatly appreciated. All I ever wanted for service was for someone to understand the immediacy of my request for repair - had I been able to be in our home for a longer period of time the repair could have been completed without any need to ask for assistance from Middleby Corporate and Rusty and you at Viking.

Marty from Wurstlins diagnosed the problem as incorrectly wired safeties (as I understand the problem as related to me by my husband) at the point of manufacture - i.e. the safety for the oven was wired to the broiler and the safety for the broiler was wired to the oven, hence, neither would stay ignited. I would guess that falls under quality control? In any event I know that you are working on all aspects of the Viking Company and judging by your prompt actions on my behalf you should have things functioning beautifully in a very short time!

After receiving my husband's great test results on Friday - they could not have been better - instead of rushing to drive north to our NJ condo, it would have been a treat to be able to use my new oven and broiler (I love to cook!) - alas, that will have to wait until our return in June. Shakespeare put it so well, "All's well that ends well!" Thanks to all of you, it ended very well! Please give our best wishes to everyone for a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year!

Carolyn Stutt
Baltimore, Maryland - December 09, 2013
Hello... I have been dealing with a customer support representative with Viking getting a resolve to issues with our Viking oven, her name is Shanna Flanagan. She has represented your company in a manner that my wife and I feel has been extremely friendly, efficient and beyond what would normally be expected. She is a fantastic asset to your company. If everyone took the same great attitude that she does the world would be in a better place. If she worked for me I would promote her and give her a raise in pay for her efforts to resolve the issues we had with our Viking range. I would be more than happy to purchase another Viking product just because of Shanna Flanagan. Thanks
Brian and Mary Evoy
December 05, 2013
Before staying home to raise a family, I worked in customer service with a software company for 15 years. Dealing with problems on a daily basis can be challenging. However, the sense of accomplishment when fixing problems and helping the customer made it rewarding. Our Viking oven was a great addition to our kitchen. I love the way it cooks. When a few weeks before Thanksgiving we discovered the lower oven not heating, I was a little apprehensive about getting it fixed in time to host our Thanksgiving dinner. The help you gave me with our Viking oven was one of the best customer service experiences ever! Your attitude, commitment and follow-up on the replacement of the defective control board was fantastic. I felt like you were right by my side taking care of me every step of the way. I want to make sure the management team at your company realizes how lucky they are to have you working there. You are a great front line representative for your company and took great care to make sure I was completely satisfied. I will highly recommend Viking to my friends. Thanks again for helping me!
Kathy Brainard
December 2, 2013
To comment on Sallie Greenleaf. After several years of bad experience with previous staff at Viking, no one had helped to get my self-cleaning oven fixed until Sallie. Not only did she give me results but recommended a wonderful genius repairman namely Roy's Appliance Service in Kennewick, WA. After 7 years of trying, my oven cleaning feature is finally working and I owe it to Sallie Greenleaf. She is a asset to your company as a customer service representative and deserves some recognition for this. Thank you Sallie for all your caring phone calls and getting the job done.
Nellie Martenson
November 27, 2013