Viking Reviews and Testimonials

I tell people that after 20+ years of marriage, my husband bought me a "corvette", and I parked it in my kitchen! It is my Viking stove, and I love it! What a dream to cook and can produce with!
Charlotte Wyles
Tomahawk, Wisconsin - November 06, 2013

My wife and I love our Viking products. Performance is great and looks to go with it. Our dual fuel range has the built in grill and we love to use it on rainy days or just when we don't want to hassle with the outdoor grill. The range has so many cooking options and this is wonderful. I can bake different meats then broil my meats to the texture and color I prefer.

The partner to our range is the 48" vent hood and no extra smoke when grilling inside. Our Viking dishwasher takes care of the aftermath from a family meal. So quiet, I'm glad the dishwasher has the light on the bottom plate so my kids will know it's already running. The refrigerator holds so much in the top and bottom sections. The undercounter ice machine is great. When I'm enjoying my kids softball games I can fill my handy water cooler with ice and a small cooler for my girls and we're set for the day. I love our Viking smoker. I've smoked chicken, ribs, Boston butts, and even fish. All have come out tasting and looking great! The smoker can cook a lot at one time. You can cook for a team of people on a Viking smoker.

Our Viking products help make our home a home with the great meals my wife prepares for our family. When friends are over we always end up in the kitchen and normally this is where we stay. Viking products are made in Greenwood Mississippi and I'm so proud and thankful to have Viking in my home but most of all, the memories of my family sitting at the table enjoying meals prepared by my wife with our Viking kitchen. Thank You, Viking!

Scotty Thornton
Carrollton, Mississippi - November 06, 2013
I bought this house we live in and all of the appliances came with the house There was a recall with the refrigerator door... Viking repaired it. I love my stovetop and outdoor grill. Viking is an excellent company to do business with.
Eileen VanGrofski
Asheville, North Carolina - November 06, 2013
After 34 years in our home we built our dream kitchen. Viking was our only choice after owning some appliances though the years . Great service
Patricia Miller
Mahwah, New Jersey - November 05, 2013
I purchased my range about 2 years ago: the best investment ever made. My husband was the one who kept on telling me about the range. It has been his dream. He saved up for it and we enjoy cooking with it every day. My only small complaint is cleaning the top. Thank you for an amazing product.
Ornella Porco
Carmel, New York - November 05, 2013
I purchased my Viking range 5 years ago and truly love it. I have 4 burners, a griddle, and a grill. Every time I cook, which is daily, I say "I love my stove". I also have the refrigerator, dishwasher, convection microwave, and trash compactor. This is one of the best investments I have made. My husband built my kitchen and Viking had the best look and quality out of all the appliances we researched.
Debbie Bubner
Dunkirk, Maryland - November 05, 2013

A few years back (2) I started remodeling the kitchen in our new house. New countertops, tile, paint, hardware, tile ceiling, and of course appliances. We started with a new dishwasher that was badly needed, and then went on to the designer series cooktop on a granite counter. We wanted to replace a wall oven and microwave combo with a double wall oven. We made a big mistake here and bought a different brand. This oven was horrific, the heating was so inconsistent and the temperature swings were in excess of 100 degrees on the preheating and cooking. We complained to the manufacturer and finally convinced them to take back the horrid oven.

We then replaced it with a professional series Viking double oven with everything a great cook could ever want. My wife loves her new oven, and uses it constantly. I kept coming back to the counter depth, french door Viking professional series. We love our new refrigerator, it is everything and more than we expected. We now have what I love to call my wall of Viking. Because we have a kitchen that is open on both ends, similar to a galley kitchen, I was able to do this. With tumbled travertine 3 X 6 tiles, a wall mural behind the cooktop. Custom touches like a 12 bottle wine rack cabinet for above the refrigerator (made the cabinet myself). The kitchen is almost done. I made my mistake and learned from it, I will only buy Viking appliances from now on. They are excellent quality, perfect styling and how do you beat made in America? My wife now has her dream kitchen.

Tom Williams
Forked River, New Jersey - November 05, 2013
I love my Viking appliances. In fact, I purchased a dishwasher some years ago when we bought our new home and it has served us well. I have had no problems with it at all. Unlike most dishwashers, it is so quiet, you can hardly hear it run when going through its' cycles. And cleans the dishes very well I might add. Also, along with the dishwasher, we purchased a Viking cooktop, which my wife just adores. After more than ten years, it still looks great and we've had no issues with it at all. Finally, our latest purchase was a Viking refrigerator. And let me tell you, this was one of the finest purchases we've made in a long time. First of all, being a high end appliance with its' stainless steal finish, it just looks great. And the fact that it has built in filtered water, is an added plus. We love our appliances and are looking forward to doing more future purchases. Great buys.
Anthony Jones
Greenwood, Mississippi - November 05, 2013