Viking Reviews and Testimonials

I purchased the Viking induction Range in late June of this year. The unit is a gorgeous piece; the oven is bar none the best oven I have ever cooked with. The induction cooktop is easy to use and heats quickly, evenly and with precision. Viking and the Appliance store yielded an ultimately happy customer.
Pete S.
Apple Valley, Minnesota

I LOVE my suite of Viking Professional line Appliances - not only do they look fantastic, but cooking and cleaning is a breeze! (In my kitchen we have a Viking microwave/vent hood, side-by-side refrigerator, dishwasher and gas range oven in stainless steel.) They are so fun to use, my husband has been helping in the kitchen a lot more! He remodeled the kitchen and laundry/butler room, and even put an additional Viking dishwasher in for when we entertain!

We are now in the process of remodeling the den and are planning to include a beverage bar complete with a Viking mini-fridge, wine cooler and ice maker! I had been asking to get Viking Appliances for well over 10 years; my husband questioned the cost per appliance versus less expensive brands. He would try to convince me that other less expensive brands were a better choice because he thought kitchen appliances were all the same basically. (My husband is a car guy, so to me, that was like saying a Studebaker and a Rolls Royce were the same - they both transport!) I frequently would get him to look at these Viking beauties in the showroom, but it would always come back to the costs. I discovered that he was doing research on these appliances on his own. Much to my surprise, he began to tell me about the positives of what he was learning from that research!

When we moved into our current home, the kitchen was barely tolerable; I HATED going in there...old, ugly, mismatched appliances that came with the house and they were not reliable - I had a double-oven wall unit (from a different company) with a turkey, side dishes and pies baking, and had a house full of guests. It was a disaster; those other brand ovens completely quit working in the middle of that dinner preparation! I was scrambling to come up with something to help the situation, it was embarrassing and disappointing to say the least! Not long after that, we began the remodeling of the kitchen and laundry/butler room. This time, my husband enthusiastically agreed upon the Viking appliances! Now I love spending time in the kitchen and my husband does too! He saw how much fun I was having and wanted to get in on it also! My husband now tells me that if we ever move again, we will get Viking appliances, if they are not already there! I even have several small Viking kitchen appliances; Viking takes food preparation to a whole new level of enjoyment and ease!

Cindy R.
Tyler, Texas
My Viking kitchen is a 10 year dream come true. I'm a chef who dreamed of owning a full Viking kitchen someday. My wife and I remodeled our house almost 5 years ago completely around my dream Viking kitchen. As a chef, I expect professional performance out of my appliances much like I experience daily in the restaurant. Viking appliances have performed quite well and it is a joy to cook in my kitchen every single day! Yes even after a 13-14 hour day in the restaurant, I still enjoy cooking in my Viking kitchen. My Viking kitchen consists of: 48" refrigerator, 48" cooktop w/griddle, 36" warming drawer, hood, double ovens, under counter beverage center for the kiddos, two dishwashers, and microwave. It is also a great kitchen to entertain guests and just hanging out with my kids teaching them how to cook. They enjoy the kitchen as well.
Mike I.
Franklin, Tennessee
I recently contacted Customer Support and was fortunate to get Shana Koch. Ms. Koch found a way to get a picture of the inside of the freezer compartment with an ice maker. She then followed up with me several times to make sure that I had received the picture and had all the information that I needed. Ms. Koch was pleasant, polite, and persistent in her efforts to get me the information that I requested. You have a valuable employee in Ms. Hoch. Viking benefits from having such an employee. Thank you for the excellent customer service.
Rebecca W.
"I love to cook and I love my stove. I got it several years ago and it quickly became my favorite appliance. It is so perfectly designed. The gas rings are wide so the heat goes up the sides of the pan and then down instead of focusing the heat on the bottom of the pan which leads to burning and scorching. Although I love the way it looks, I did not buy it for it's appearance. I bought it for it's function. The cast iron grates cover the top so pots and pans are easy to slide on and off burners. Each burner has a simmer setting which is so slow you can cook a roux all day long without having to be concerned about it. Even though my new house in Texas has a generic five burner gas cooktop, I am pulling that out and replacing it with my Viking. And since there are already two built in ovens, I will have three ovens so we will be baking up a storm! The entire top comes off in pieces so it is easy to clean. And another feature that is really nice for messy cooks for me, is a pull out stainless tray that sits under the burners to catch up any spillage. This makes clean up a snap. So I can honestly say that my stove is a favorite thing. In fact ~ between you and me, if I had to choose between my husband and my stove, it might be a difficult choice!"
Susan F.
Boise, Idaho
We've been looking forward to building a shop in New Orleans for several years now.  We wanted the space to feel like our home – complete with a back yard, and large kitchen tables we could use for display as well as for dinners with friends – and we really wanted to have a full kitchen.  We immediately thought of VIKING to help create an environment that would bring the kitchen's full potential to life.  Our plan is to host visiting chefs in the space - this really sets the house apart.  New Orleans is our first shop to have a full kitchen and we are so proud to have a partner like VIKING involved.
Billy Reid, American Fashion Designer
Florence, Alabama
Aloha, my name is Sam Choy. I am a local celebrity chef in Kona Hawaii island. We do cook a lot in our Viking kitchen we average about 10 to12 dinners a month. We have cooked parties for as small as 6 people and as large as 150 or more. On that note let me tell you why we love our Viking ranges and all the ovens, and the big wok burner and most of all our big refrigerator . One of the most fun parts about using our Viking kitchen is the organization of the whole meal from start to finish. The prepping is simple because of the refrigeration; you can organize your meal from start to finish. Then the cooking becomes a lot of fun. Then with your Viking kitchen the cleaning becomes as easy as cooking . The burners are easy because the burner comes apart and easy to put back all cleaned. We love our Viking kitchen for many reasons the quality is by far the best in the business, and the support you get from the service technician to the Viking support team puts Viking ahead of the competition. When your are planning your dream kitchen make it a Viking kitchen. You will never regret your choice of your Viking kitchen and it never look's outdated... Viking, what a great kitchen; product like family. Aloha, Chef Sam Choy.
Chef Sam Choy
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
We have built our entire heavy-cooking kitchen with Viking appliances, and are loving it every day we use it. Great quality, very customizable, and perfect for our household. Shortly after we built our house, we got the kitchen featured in Trends Magazine. We live in Singapore, and having a 'dry' kitchen for simpler cooking and preparation and a 'wet' kitchen for heavy (Asian) cooking is not unusual. Only with the Viking ranges, wok-cooker and grills were we able though to create the mix of practicality and professional look and feel that we wanted.
Stefan M.