Viking Reviews and Testimonials

We remodeled our original home 15 years ago. At that time we installed a Viking stove / range that was great. We sold our home of 30 years one month ago and moved downtown to a new condo. All the appliances are Viking, two ovens, stove top, refrigerator, wine / beverage center, and finally dishwasher. We are very excited, and having Viking appliances help seal the deal!
Daniel K.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Hello... I have been dealing with a customer support representative with Viking getting a resolve to issues with our Viking oven, her name is Shanna Flanagan. She has represented your company in a manner that my wife and I feel has been extremely friendly, efficient and beyond what would normally be expected. She is a fantastic asset to your company. If everyone took the same great attitude that she does the world would be in a better place. If she worked for me I would promote her and give her a raise in pay for her efforts to resolve the issues we had with our Viking range. I would be more than happy to purchase another Viking product just because of Shanna Flanagan. Thanks
Brian and Mary E.
"Love, love, love my Viking appliances. When remodeling our kitchen a few years ago we were determined to find the quietest, best cleaning dishwasher available. When friends raved about the Viking dishwasher we decided to purchase one, but I must admit that I was skeptical that it could be as wonderful as we had heard. My Viking dishwasher is my favorite appliance! It is extremely quiet, and very efficient, producing the cleanest dishes of any machine that I've owned. I love the features of the dishwasher, such as the extra pull out basket for large utensils, the deep top rack, which will hold dinner plates, the top wash only feature, and the clean light indicator. The features make it perfect for either a small or large family. When we built our new home several months ago, I knew that I wanted all Viking appliances. I truly enjoy my gas cook top, microwave, and convection oven with the searing unit, in addition to my new dishwasher. All of the appliances perform so well that I am really enjoying cooking, and I now look forward to preparing new recipes!"
Susan L.
Collierville, Tennessee
My family and I love Viking products and we're proud owners of a full kitchen: 36" gas range, 36" hood, 42" refrigerator, dishwasher, warming drawer and microwave. Our kitchen is truly the heart of our home and we enjoy preparing meals together. Viking's design, quality and special features were important to us as we recently remodeled- so proud that their products are made in the USA!
Elizabeth T.
Dalton, Massachusetts
Today I placed an order for a new 48" Viking Dual Fuel Range with 6 burners and a char-grill and I am beyond excited! My first Viking range, which performed flawlessly for over 17 years, was the best range I have ever owned in 37 years and 6 homes. When it came time to remodel my kitchen, I did not even consider another brand. Cannot wait for Thanksgiving when my very large family will gather and enjoy the "heart" of my new kitchen!
Jane C.
Panama City Beach, Florida
When my new cottage was built, I had all Viking appliances installed. This was my first time using your products. Unfortunately, as "luck" would have it for one reason or another, the stove and dishwasher didn't work correctly. We called the distributor who fixed the stove and after many failed attempts to repair the dishwasher, your company replaced the dishwasher at no cost to us. Good job, well done and be rest assured that all of our appliances in the future will be Viking.
James W.
We remodeled our kitchen three years ago and we purchased a six-burner gas Viking cooktop. We love to cook so this was a great choice from this point of view but didn't know what a PAIN is going to be to keep it clean in particular the cast iron grates.
Anca S.
Lakewood, Colorado
Growing up in the Mississippi Delta doesn't give you much to do but one thing we do well is food. I learned to cook on my parent's Viking Range and so I only knew perfect food preparation, that is until I went to college. I had an apartment with appliances other than Viking. It was a disaster getting used to anything else. Now that I am a newlywed and in my first home we have a Viking gas cooktop and Viking dishwasher. I use them both pretty much everyday and life is good again. I know that my dishes will always be clean and my food cooked to perfection. I am so grateful for the memories and meals that Viking has given my family.
Shelby G.
Greenwood, Mississippi