Viking Reviews and Testimonials

I love my new Viking appliances! I have had all of the main high end brands Thermador, Wolf, Sub Zero, Miele, etc. However, I love my Viking lineup the most! They each do a great job! The range is fabulous! I love the dishwasher as well! It gets anything off of my dishes! I have never had a problem with Viking! They look great in my kitchen and EVERYONE comments on them! I feel so fortunate to have them! Thank you so much for making great high-end products that actually work 100% of the time!
Alexander Whiteman
Las Vegas, Nevada - November 04, 2013
I installed our first Viking products in a kitchen we renovated in 1999. That consisted of a 36" range (electric), a 36" refrigerator, a dishwasher, an exhaust hood, a microwave chamber, an electric wall oven , a warming chamber and an under the counter wine cooler. In 2006 we built a new house (but kept the old one as a rental) and installed a number of new Viking appliances, including a 36" range with electric stovetop, a 42" refrigerator w/ice dispenser, a microwave chamber, an electric wall oven, a warming drawer, and a hood with ventilation. We also built an outdoor kitchen with a built-in Viking 42" gas grill. All together we have 15 Viking appliances, not including our Viking toaster. We have been very satisfied with all of the Viking products. Viking makes great products. The ones in our rental property have been in use by renters for over 7 years now and are going strong.
David Steakley
Sun City Center, Florida - November 04, 2013
In February of 2013, we purchased a complete line of Viking Professional alliances...a duel fuel range and oven, french door refrigeration, a dishwasher and a microwave. The fridge is keeps fresh longer in this appliance than any other fridge we have ever used ( we are 50 something). The microwave is also exceptional and every feature on it is beyond anything ever imagined...dishwasher as well. The professional line of appliances is wonderful. Everyone that visits compliments the "look" of the appliances in the kitchen.
Mary Gabriel
Medina, Ohio - November 04, 2013
I purchased my Viking appliances when I did a full Kitchen remodel last November 2012. I did the commercial Refrigerator, Gas Range, Dishwasher, & Microwave. Needless to say, they are beautiful & make quite a statement in addition to the great function. Everything is easily accessible in my refrigerator unlike my previous one. My dishwasher cleans better than any I have ever had. My stove, OH my stove! I love it! I love the ease of cleaning with the grates, the slide out rack in my oven & basically just love cooking on the gas top. I looked at other high end brands & decided on Viking when I discovered that I could do a complete matching Kitchen. Also, after looking at other high end refrigerators, I realized that the Viking shelving was made better & had better space & features.
Dinah Lamunyon
Chattanooga, Tennessee - November 04, 2013
I purchased my 30" gas Viking Range along with the hood in 1996. It has been a workhorse all these years with minimal trouble. I was given the newer non-powder coated grates about 10 years ago since the original ones had chipped. I love the range and the improvements Viking has made on the newer models. No more open drip trays; the sealed burners would be much cleaner. It seems these days that too many appliances are not made for the "long haul." Our Viking range sure was, and almost 18 years later....still cooking like a pro.
Ralph Minas
Boerne, Texas - November 04, 2013
I love my Viking range. It is large,powerful,and very handsome! We are people on a very tight budget, and I was only able to afford it because I got a great rebate. Thank you Viking!
Shelly Gilbertson
Greenfield, Wisconsin - November 04, 2013
When I decided to remodel my kitchen with upgraded appliances, I looked at all manufactures. After much shopping and testing of different rangetop, I decided on the Viking (VGRT530-30") four burner gas rangetop. Clean, simple design and very high BTU's on its burners. It was priced like similar units, but the output, simple knobs and grates and being able to light sealed burners in power outages were the deciding factors. The unit is just about two years old and not one problem. I am happy that I made the right choice.
Wil Turner
Sparks, Nevada - November 04, 2013

I am a seasoned amateur cook with many years of experience and when I moved into my new dream apartment my biggest concern was working with an electric range as the apartment block does not supply gas. Also I wanted to upgrade the present range for a Viking and was very pleased to see that Viking made a profession line induction range. As I had some experience with induction cooktops and owned a complete range of All-Clad cookware I went ahead and bought the Viking induction range. It was the absolute best thing I ever did. Not only was the range extremely well made and very attractive but it is possibly the best cooking range I have ever used. The oven is spacious and efficient and the induction cooktop is clean, fast and in combination with my stainless steel cook ware, it gives me all the versatility of gas without the mess.

I could never go back as cleaning the glass top is easy and efficient. The convection oven is also efficient and turns out beautiful pastries and pie crusts. In all, I feel that purchasing this beautiful range was one of the best things I have ever done and certainly provides me with all the efficiency of gas cooking. I love my Viking range and take every opportunity to show friends and introduce them to the efficiency of induction cooking and the efficiency and beauty of the Viking range. I would fully recommend this product to anyone who like to cook but is restricted to electricity as the source of heat. Now I am buying the Viking microwave with built-in hood to complete my cooking area.

Terry Phillips
Washington, D.C. - November 04, 2013